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    All You Need To Know About Indian Christian Weddings

    Christian weddings are known for their simplicity. Read on to know more about all things that happen in a Christian wedding. 
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    Updated at - 2023-01-03,11:38 IST
    Christian wedding

    Christian weddings are widely known for their elegance and simplicity. Indian and Western traditions are harmoniously merged during Christian marriages in India. If you have ever attended an Indian Christian wedding, you must know that each state and community has its own traditions. While maintaining their Indian culture, the Indian Christians have also embraced some Western traditions. The wedding fashions and ceremonies reflect this blending of Indo-Western traditions. The following are the main customs and rituals that are followed in an Indian Christian wedding:

    1. Engagement Ceremony

    Engagement Ceremony

    The first function of the marriage is the engagement ceremony which is hosted by the bride’s family. It is a ritual that is followed by most couples and is highly celebrated. This celebration is a declaration and announcement to the world that the parents have approved the relationship and the couple is set to tie the knot.  

    2. Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties 


    It's a trend that's growing rapidly in India. The groom's brothers and friends throw him a bachelor's celebration. This gathering honours the groom's final moments as a bachelor. In fact, the bride's sisters and friends plan a similar celebration for her as well. Everybody eagerly anticipates these rituals.

    3. Haldi /Roce Ceremony 

    Both the bride and the husband are covered in a paste made of sandalwood and turmeric during this ritual. The Christians in North India place a lot of importance on this ceremony. This ceremony in North India is known as Roce. Coconut paste is used on the bride and the groom instead of turmeric and sandalwood paste among the Christians of western and southern India, such as in the state of Goa.

    4. Bride's Welcome 

    Bride's Welcome

    The bride arrives in a car provided by the groom at the wedding location on the wedding day. With a bouquet of flowers, his best man welcomes the bride and escorts her inside. In contrast to other cultures' traditions, the bride is greeted at the altar at a Christian wedding, not the groom. Later, the groom patiently waits for her on the other side of the aisle as the father of the bride leads her. He hands her over his daughter to the groom and showers his with blessings.

    5. The Holy Mass 

    The wedding holy mass is one of the main Catholic Christian wedding rituals, which starts with the priest reciting songs and the guests praying for the happy couple. The priest then recites the sermon, which emphasises the value of the sacred marriage tie to both the couple and the guests. The couple then exchanges rings and signs the legal marriage, therefore sanctifying their union in God's eyes and in conformity with the law.

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    6. Exchanging of Vows 

    Exchanging of Vows

    The couple makes a mutual commitment to protect the sanctity of their marriage during the exchange of vows, which is the most important element of the wedding ceremony. The couple is led in these vows by the priest. After the priest has finished reading the vows, he will either ask each member of the couple to respond with "I do" or ask them to repeat the lines after them.   

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    7. Bouquet Tossing

    After the wedding ceremony, the bride tosses her wedding bouquet and all the unmarried girls try to catch it. It is said that whoever does, gets married next. 

    8. Reception 


    After the wedding, a reception is held at a venue. Then finally the bride and groom have their first dance as official husband and wife. Then the couple cut the wedding cake. Dinner follows the raising of toasts. It is a time for enjoyment, dancing, and celebration.

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