Often, when we have a lot of space in front of the window or have a spacious window sill, we tend to store a lot of things there which may not be in fact a very good idea. It can be hazardous and also ruin the material, block the natural light. 

Here are 7 things that you must never place there:



When it comes to the window sill, it is important to understand that the temperature in front of it fluctuates a lot. In the daytime, the sun's rays are very strong and by the night it cools down. This ruins the composition of your food or anything edible. Never store chewing gums or candied fruits there. It also attracts unwanted bugs if their molecular formula changes as it exudes a different smell as well in certain cases. 

Fragile Items

If that window opens then avoid displaying the fragile and pretty decorative items there. If the wind is strong or the window door opens then get ready to pick up shattered pieces of something you loved.

Cleaning Material

cleaning agents

Just like the edible items, cleaning supplies as well are ruined. The chemicals can break their molecular formulation, they become less potent and cans can combust. Some things even become more acidic when exposed to so much heat. So your toilet cleaners, wood polish, dishwash, varnish, brass cleaner, all should be in a dark and cool corner of your house.



Now, this is a very obvious one but in order to reflect pretty light from our candles, we tend to make this mistake. Never place your pillar candles on the window sill as they melt and get stuck as well. If the sun rays are too strong, sometimes, the shape of the candle is totally compromised. They are hard to revive so why take risks.

Books & Electronics 

This involves a slow process but the outcome can be lethal. It is not just water that is harmful to your books and electronics like phones and laptops but also sun rays and heat. If the exposure to heat is prolonged, your books may be destroyed especially the leather-bound ones and your electronics may heat up. Do not be surprised if anything is discoloured over time.

Mirror Surfaces

mirror surface

This one has logic and science behind it.  At first, you might have thought that what is wrong with keeping your hand mirror there but ladies, when any mirror surface reflects sunlight and concentrates on one area for too long, it can cause an unwanted fire! 

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Fragrances are made with pure essential oils, alcohol and a concoction of several materials over time. You spend so much money on them so why not take care of them after buying as well? There are many rules to storing perfumes and mists even if they are solid ones. They should never be kept out in the heat so placing them on a window sill is a mistake 101! Their molecular formulation is destroyed and it may even produce another formulation when in touch with heat, which can be harmful to your skin when sprayed.

Take care of your belongings and keep your space clutter-free. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such housekeeping tips.