Shopping happens to be most of our weakness. While some find it a relieving session, others think it is a necessity for them. But the question is, to what extent you can keep on investing in things that you probably don’t need. 

Have you ever seen your purchase history on all the online shopping sites you’ve visited? If you scroll down, you will perhaps find a slew of things that you think you will use at some point, but don’t actually need it. In short, you thought, since the deal was unmissable, it is worth investing in. This is an initial sign that you are indeed a shopaholic, according to our expert, Dr Anuneet Sabharwal, who is the founder and director at The Happy Tree, a De-addiction and Mental Health Hospital. 

HerZindagi exclusively spoke to her to understand the major signs of being a shopaholic and its pros and cons. She explained, “addiction can cause significant mental health issues besides debt, and affect the people around you in far more subtle ways.”  

Every Event Or Celebration Urges You To Shop Online

“The convenience and ease of online shopping have obvious repercussions on your shopping habits and spending,” she said and further suggested 7 common signs that signify that you are addicted to online shopping: 

Every Event Or Celebration Urges You To Shop Online

Birthday coming? You buy a new dress for the event. Promotion at work? This deserves valuable shoes. Are you going back to the gym? This calls for new training shoes and gym wear. Whatever event comes, you are ever ready to spend and reward yourself for it. 

But have you ever thought that shopping for every event may not be healthy for you?  It is essential to treat yourself timely by rewarding something when you achieve your goals. But, it is vital to know when such a reward is needed. 

Remember Your Credit Card Number

If you are addicted to shopping, you don’t need to take out your credit or debit card to enter the number on the site. Instead, you’ve got it in memorised. If you want to stop your addiction, slow down your purchases, or cancel your order if you think you are making an impulse decision. 

Shopping To Bust Stress

Shopping To Bust Stress

Uncontrollable shopping attempts to fill your emotional voids such as lack of self-confidence, loneliness, or lack of control. Shopaholics also tend to suffer from eating disorders, mood disorders, and substance abuse issues. Thus, if you manage to spree on comfort food after a bad day, studies suggest you are more likely to indulge in a shopping binge.

You Buy Things You Don't Plan To Buy

You get tempted quickly with things you can live without, such as a new iPod case, or a new mobile. Just because your spends tend to stick to one category does not make them logical.

You Experience A Sense Of Excitement When Buying

Shopping addicts often experience an adrenaline rush from the act of buying an item. Most experts say that a brain chemical named “dopamine” is associated with pleasure, and is often released in waves when a shopping addict checks out a desirable thing and considers buying it— this rush of excitement results in addiction. 

You Want To Buy Less, But You Can't Resist Shopping

You Want To Buy Less, But You Can't Resist Shopping

If you are a shopaholic, you can't stop yourself from purchasing things even if you try. Experts noted that shoppers want to stop spending and prepare a budget (how to save money while buying makeup) for other things, but they can't resist shopping. Your shopping habit may have gone out of control if you want to stop shopping and but you just can’t resist.

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You Feel Uneasy On Days When You Don't Shop

It is okay to be worried if you don't have your morning cup of coffee (south Indian filter coffee recipe), but if you feel troubled because you have not swiped your card, it is definitely a concern. Shopaholics report feeling anxious if they have not shopped in the last few days. 

You Feel Uneasy On Days When You Don't Shop

You Shop Beyond Your Means

You increase your credit card limit and get new ones, so as to keep buying items by any means. The mounting of debts may result in you stealing or lying.

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