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    Five Easy Tips To Build A Beautiful Balcony Garden

    If you do not have a big house and a huge garden space, it doesn't mean you can't have a garden. Try these easy tips to build your small balcony garden. 
    Published -26 May 2020, 12:00 ISTUpdated -26 May 2020, 12:08 IST

    Earlier people used to live in houses with big terraces and front garden areas. With changing times and lack of space, the trend of apartments became popular. Now, people have balconies as their sole open space in the house to dry their clothes and plant a few trees. But, not having a wide front space certainly doesn’t mean one can’t have a garden. The concept of balcony gardens is sweet, manageable, and extremely useful.  You need not keep your balconies as an ignored area, instead, it can be a verdant space that you can love and spend time at. So, channel your inner artist and get ready to design your very own balcony garden using these tips. 

    Check Sun Exposure 

    Check Sun Exposure

    Yes, you want to grow different types of flowers, herbs, and veggies in your garden. However, despite the size, what will grow well on your balcony depends on the climate zone and the sun exposure. If your balcony is facing south or the west, it is likely to receive the maximum sun rays. Therefore, you can plant those trees that love the sun. The balconies in the north direction get least sun exposure, so plant trees can do without sunlight. If your balcony is placed in the eastern direction you’re lucky, because here you will get the sun and the proper flow of wind. 



    While you can choose any container as your pot to plant trees, one thing to mind is to avoid plastic bottles and the containers must have a hole at the bottom as the drainage. There must always be enough area for the proper passage of water. This becomes difficult if you choose plastic containers. The best are pots made from a porous material, such as terra cotta. Often you notice plants dying due to over-watering. The holes help in such situations too. If you don’t want your balcony to become dirty from muddy water, simply put a tray underneath and dispose of the collected water every 3 or 5th day. 

    Railing Planters

    Railing Planters

    There is no balcony garden without a few beautiful railing planters. It gives your apartment a unique identity and your house good looks, and fresh air.  You don’t really need an expert to place railing planters. You can tie the light planters yourself using strong steel wires. Be extremely cautious for the first two weeks. And do not use very heavy pots. If you don’t want to place pots, you can also grow the money plants and decorate your railing. 

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    What’s the purpose of a balcony garden when you can’t sit there and enjoy the mesmerising view? You must have a few furniture placed out there. Need not buy new. Place an old one or use old furniture after giving them a simple DIY makeover. There are lots of options such as mooda, short tables, chairs, or folding chairs. Choose the furniture depending on the size of your balconies. 

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    Hanging Planters

    If you love gardening, there is no way you didn’t wish to have a few hanging planters for your house. What are you waiting for? Place some metal hooks on your balcony’s ceiling or above the railing, and add some hanging planters. You can make your small pots yourself or can buy from the market. 


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