Bed Skirts or bed ruffles are bed accessories or a piece of decorative fabric that is designed with ruffles and is made to stick below the mattress to hang like a skirt of the bed in order to cover the lower region. The main purpose of a bed skirt is to hide the untidy bed box or the legs and make the bed look even more appealing and stylish. When the skeleton of the bed is hidden below the ruffles of the fabric, not just your bed but the entire room starts to look more attractive and regal. 

Therefore, we think that adding a bed skirt would definitely solve a lot of problems for you if you want to update the look of your bedroom. So, below we have listed a couple of bed skirt designs that can help you up the home decor game like a pro.

Cotton Bed Skirts 

bed skirt designs

Cotton is considered to be one of the best fabrics for all seasons and that is why a cotton bed skirt would be optimal for you. Go for a matching cotton bed skirt and that will enhance the entire look of your bed. A cotton bed skirt would be great if you are a lover of decent and sober designs in home furnishings. However, cotton would only be suitable if you like compact ruffles or designs around the bed. Also, to avoid making the bed look chunky and your space smaller, go for cotton as it is a compact fabric that doesn’t flow too much.

Chiffon/Georgette Bed Skirt

bed skirt designs

One of the most beautiful bed skirt designs is available in this fabric and you can definitely go ahead with this design if you are a rough user. The chiffon and georgette fabrics are very flowy but thin and thus they look super sleek and classy. Such bed skirts go well with modern homes and modern designer beds. Also, they are light weighted and can be washed easily by hand.

Net Bed Skirts

net bedskirt

Net bed skirts are surely one of the most appealling bed skirts as they look super in a girl’s room. This can give a very regal look to your bed and more so if you matching it all and keep the colour coordination up in the room to accentuate the bed design.

Crochet Bed Skirt 

bed skirt designs

Crochet is another fabric that adds a very bohemian vibe to your furniture and home. So, if you want to design your room and make it look even more happening then crochet is the right bed skirt fabric for you. However, crochet bed skirts are a bit more delicate and thus you need to be very careful around them.

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Velvet Bed Skirt

bed skirt designs

You will definitely love velvet bed skirts for your room if you have a larger bed along with a big room. 

Velvet is a very royal and beautiful looking fabric and a velvet bed skirt is generally heavy and great for guest rooms or your master bedroom. But velvet bed skirts are a bit difficult to deal with and so you will have to take care of the fabric well.

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