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    Major Flea Markets In And Around Delhi

    Here’s a list of flea markets you can’t seem to miss out on in Delhi!
    Published -26 Nov 2021, 13:06 ISTUpdated -26 Nov 2021, 13:34 IST
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    Delhi being so big and beautiful, we have found some steals for you to visit and snatch! Here’s our list of the best flea markets for you to visit while you’re in Delhi or around to have a glimpse of the city!

    Sarojini Nagar 

    Sarojini Nagar tops our list when it comes to flea markets as you will find anything and everything there. From clothes to shoes, coats to bags, you will find absolutely everything in one place. 

    People consider Sarojini Nagar as a market just for girls, when in fact, you will find items in regards to boys too. There is a section inside the market that is dedicated to boys and boys alone. 

    Sarojini Nagar is just not for finished clothes, you will find fabrics for your sarees and suits there too. There is a well-known sports center out there too. 

    The streets of Sarojini Nagar are not only known for the street vendors but also for it’s delicious street food. You can have a dive into foods like momos, chowmein, thukpa, ram ladoo, and much more. 


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    Janpath is a catch for anybody who is on his/her way to Connaught Place. Being located just around the corner, you can find a whole new world of clothing and accessories out there. 

    Janpath is known for it’s junk jewellery collection. You can find a variety of jewellery as well as shoes on the street vendors while they might be limited to a number. 

    Janpath also has a huge collection of artifacts like wall hangings, which are surely something that will catch your eye. It may be a small market as compared to Sarojini Nagar, but is a place you must visit. 

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    Palika Bazaar

    Located exactly at the heart of Connaught Place, Palika Bazaar is no less of a steal. Whatever you don’t seem to find anywhere else, you are bound to find it there, that too, at a much cheaper price. 

    Palika Bazaar is a popular choice for most people because of it’s cheapest rate and a grand nearby place to chill with friends and loved ones. 

    Post shopping, you can go for lunch or a picnic with your friends or loved ones and still enjoy the rest of the day. Connaught Place has a lot to offer too. Connaught Place is full of lounges and cafes to chill at.

    Lajpat Nagar 

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    Lajpat Nagar is known for it’s a marketplace, Central Market, which is widely known for it’s availability in wedding clothing and attires. Everything related to a wedding, you’ll spot here and so much more. Being a huge market, this market offers you the best of Delhi. 

    Looking for pumps to match your wedding lehenga? Looking for a bridesmaid suit? Looking for a Diwali outfit? All your answers lie in this market. 

    Our famous, Aunty Momos have a serious craze in the Central Market at Lajpat Nagar! Do check them out!

    Karol Bagh 

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    Karol Bagh is a massive place for massive things like cars, and gadgets. You can buy second-hand phones, sell phones, laptops, basically anything electronic. You can have an electronic exchange in this market while getting your car modified at another end of the area. 

    You’ll get plenty of covers for just about any phone and laptop in this market. You can also get a tempered card for the same. 

    With all of this, Karol Bagh has a place for you to buy clothes too. There’s an entire wholesale market around Karol Bagh for you to venture. 

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    GK 1 Market 

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    Located on the south side of Delhi, this could be included in the high end of shopping if compared to the other markets out there on the list. 

    GK 1 has a variety of everything, ranging from beauty products, nail salons, shoes, cafes, and whatnot. This place is considered a daily outing for many young kids and has a central park for children to play in. 

    It has one of the most prestigious jewellery shops, Hazoorilal Jewellers, which will surely make your jaws drop with the statement pieces on the window display. 

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