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    Gariahat To New Market, 5 Places To Shop In Kolkata

    Kolkata is a city boasting a blend of colonial and modern architecture. It is a hub for shopaholics trying to get their hands on traditional clothes and looking to taste delicious delicacies. Here is a shopping guide for you if you are visiting Ko...
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    Updated at - 2023-01-26,12:00 IST
    shopping guide kolkata

    Kolkata is famous for its rich culture. Many refer to it as the land of Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The essence of the capital of West Bengal can hardly be described in words because it is hard to describe its history and concise its transition in a sentence that paints a picture of what the city means to people who call it their home. 

    It features art galleries, colonial architecture, museums, streets bustling with vendors selling traditional food, theatres, temples and music studios. Kolkata is also a hub for all the shopaholics in India. 

    It has several markets with shops decorated with vibrant clothes, bags, accessories and whatnot. You can also visit malls if you are interested in buying branded items, however, they lack the touch of the old markets.

    Here are a few places you can visit if you are looking to go on a shopping spree in Kolkata,

    Gariahat Market

    gariahat market kolkata

    Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor

    Gariahat Market stretches along a road flanked by shops on both sides. It is heaven for those looking for best collections of traditional clothes, accessories and jewellery. 

    There are many makeshift shops where you can bargain on items and get yourself a good deal on your purchase. The market features many food stalls and restaurants for you to munch on snacks while rummaging through shops.

    New Market Kolkata

    new market kolkata

    Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

    New Market in Kolkata dates back to colonial times. It is a paradise for shoppers. You will find a variety of shops selling clothes and footwear to rare cheeses and flowers. Bustling with sellers and shopaholics, this market is a must-visit when exploring the city.

    It is also one of the few markets in the country that are arranged in an order. For example, if you are looking to purchase sarees, you will find shops cluttered in one segment, making it easier to explore the variety.

    Hatibagan Market

    hatibagan market kolkata

    Image Courtesy: Justdial

    One of the oldest street markets of Kolkata Hatibagan Market was once famous for selling and purchasing pet animals and birds and hence derived the unique name. In 2012, a massive fire broke out in the market, and it completely changed the way it looked before. However, the market was back to its spirit in no time. Here you can purchase a wide range of products at very affordable prices. Just don’t forget to keep your bargaining game on.

    It has a cinema complex, however, the Star Theatre is still the hub of cine-goers where one can watch films at pocket-friendly prices. 

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    Burrabazar Market

    burrabazar market kolkata

    Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

    Located on M. G. Road, Burrabazar Market is one of the oldest standing wholesale markets in Kolkata. During festivals, it experiences an overwhelming footfall of locals and tourists coming here to buy in bulk.

    The market has four parts - Dhotipatti, Tulapatti, Chinipatti and Fancypatti. Each section has a speciality in terms of the goods that shopkeepers sell here. People haggle with sellers for clothes, footwear, accessories and decor items among others during festivals. 

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    College Street

    college street market kolkata

    Image Courtesy: Kolkata Tourism

    College Street is heaven for bibliophiles. The pavements are flanked by makeshift shops selling hundreds of novels, non-fiction and other books at a reduced price. 

    It is also known as the largest second-hand book-selling market in the world. You will also be able to spot regional publishing houses selling old Bengali books here. The Indian Coffee House is a nostalgia for the whole Bengali community as Manna Dey very famously described in his song “Coffee House Er Sei Addata Aj Ar Nei”.  College Street tour will always be incomplete without a coffee of the Coffe House and a sarbat of Paramount. It is a must-visit place in Kolkata.

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    Kolkata also has many malls that you can visit. The list includes Avani Riverside Shopping Mall, City Centre 1 Shopping Mall, South City Mall, Mani Square Shopping Mall and Quest Mall. 


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