Taste Of India: Best Indian Restaurants Outside Of The Country

Indian food is no longer just for Indians but for everyone! Check out these amazing Indian restaurants outside India. 

Neha Pande
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  • Updated - 2021-11-26, 16:36 IST
The Best Indian Restaurants outside india

India is not just known for its rich heritage or culture but also for its amazingly varied cuisine. The spicy, tangy and delicious Indian food is not just loved in the country but outside too. Indian food is loved and adored all over the globe from USA, UK to Australia and Canada. This craze behind Indian food has been translated into the multiple Indian restaurants that have been opened all across the world.

There are several top notch luxurious restaurants across the globe with some of the best Indian food available. Here we have a list of the best Indian restaurants outside India.

The Golden Peacock

The Golden Peacock

Named after the national bird of India, The Golden Peacock is a Michelin star restaurant which serves some of the best Indian food in Macau. The interior is just as strikingly amazing as the food of the place. They not only serve you absolutely amazing and filling Indian cuisine but also has a beautiful interior. It has beautiful copper, glass, screens and Sadeli mosaics which will give you the aesthetic of a 'seesh mahal'.

The chef of the restaurant is from Kerala but can cook you any Indian dish from North, south, East or West. The restaurant also has a huge window through which you can watch the whole cooking process from the tandoor to the stoves. The restaurant is located at Shop 1037, 1F The Venetian Resort, Estrada de Baia de N. Senhora de Esperanca, Taipa, Macau; so if you are ever visiting Macau then go try the food here because it is definitely amazing.

The Song Of India

The song of india

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The Song Of India is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Singapore. Singapore though has a lot of South Indian restaurants if you venture though Little India and the market but none can compare to the Michelin star restaurant. The interior of this restaurant is stylish and decked up with which keeps changing adding to the charm of this restaurant.

The menu of this restaurant has delicacies from across India and uses both traditional as well as modern methods for it's cooking to create it's artistic dishes. The restaurant is located in 33 Scotts Road, Singapore.



Many of you might know Vishal Khanna from masterchef but did you know that he owned one of the most successful Indian restaurant in New York City. Junoon by Vishal Khanna got it's its first Michelin star within 10 months of opening. The attention to detail and the technique Junoon uses is what sets this restaurant apart from the rest.

The interior of the restaurant is just stunning with the warm welcoming ebony doors and the cavernous setting. The restaurant has a large bar which exudes elegance and class with two antique jhoolas crafted from Burmese teak. This restaurant is known for its prized tandoor techniques; Junoon has mastered the art of tandoor and Indian cuisine. The restaurant is located at 27 W. 24th St., New York.

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Tulsi is a sweet quaint restaurant set up in New York City. If you are tired of the heavy ghee induced Indian food then you must go try Tulsi's wide variety of healthy but absolutely delicious Indian cuisine. The interior of tulsi is neutral and tranquil, it has quite a sophisticated aesthetic to it with sweet and well natured staff. Even the menu of the restaurant is different from your everyday Indian restaurant with fun appetizers and delicious main course.

The menu will take you through the yummy chaupati streets of delhi to the party central of goa and bring you the tranquility of the North and the temples of the South. The restaurant is located at 211 E. 46th St., New York.

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