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    The Best Vegans Restaurants In India

    Vegan or not, you have to give these amazing vegan cafes a visit.
    • Neha Pande
    • Editorial
    Published -13 Nov 2021, 14:00 ISTUpdated -13 Nov 2021, 14:03 IST
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    Veganism is s new food trend which is healthy and has caught fame in recent times. Basically in Veganism you can not consume dairy or meat at all. It is a complete plant based diet which has also been criticized for being too harsh or flavourless. But worry not because vegan food can actually be amazingly delicious! 

    You don't have to keep your ages old mentality thinking vegan food is awful because we are here to change that. Here we have a list of the best vegan restaurants all around India which has absolutely delicious vegan food for you to enjoy. 

    Carrots, Bengaluru 

    Carrots Bengaluru

    Carrots Cafe in Bengaluru is known for its scrumptious vegan dishes and has quickly gained popularity all around the country. They are not just pro vegans but also cater to people with gluten allergies so the menu is dairy as well as gluten free. 

    If you ever get a chance to visit the establishment then you need to try their amazing vegan tiramisu which almost has a cult following. The staff is absolutely amazing and the owner is always there so make sure to go up and ask any question; they will be happy to help you out. 

    Bean Me Up Café, Goa 

    Bean Me Up

    Goa actually has quite some vegan cafes but Bean Me Up Cafe is amongst the best from Goa. They are known for their yummy starters and main course; and have a variety of desserts you can try. It is not just a cafe since they also provide accommodation and the ambiance is so spiritual and aesthetic that you would love to just sit there and enjoy a novel on your own. 

    If you ever get to go to the cafe then make sure to try their delicious desserts like banana split, tiramisu, pina colada etc. 

    Ahimsa - The Vegan Café, Shirdi 

    Ahimsa The Vegan Cafe

    Shirdi is no longer just a religious place as it also has the amazing Ahimsa cafe and is a mecca for religious vegans all around India. The cafe has recently opened an establishment in Pinner, London giving them a taste of Indian vegan food. 

    If you ever visit Ahimsa Cafe then try their scrumptious black bean burger; it will make you forget the taste of your usual chicken burger.

    The Real Green Café, Pune 

    The Real Green Cafe

    The Real Green Café is one of Pune's first ever vegan cafe which is centrally located in Koregaon Park. This cafe won't just offer you amazing vegan food but also hold fun events like open mics, poetry events as well as other interactive events. It has the food, the vibe and the ambiance that will make your creative juices flowing. 

    If you get to visit the city then definitely try to go to this establishment. You are sure to meet a lot of amazing people, eat delicious food and have a great time. 

    Aharveda Restaurant – Golden Chariot Dine In, Mumbai

    Aharveda Restaurant

    Do you know what Aharveda means? Aharveda is actually a Sanskrit work which means food and scripture! This is an absolutely amazing cafe and had to be on the list given how delicious the food here is! You won't for a second want to go back to your non vegan lifestyle if you taste the food here. Their food is 100% vegan, gluten free and oil free. 

    Be it the scrumptious thali or pasta and pizzas; you are sure to enjoy your time here. 

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