We all are trying to add healthy ingredients to our diet these days to boost our immunity. A strong immune system helps you keep all health issues at bay. My mother-in-law makes sure we all have a cup of milk at night before going to sleep and this time I thought of sharing the recipe with you all. This isn't your regular cup of milk. She prepares it using turmeric, fennel seeds or saunf and jaggery. 

It is a delicious hot beverage and the best part is that it is great for our immune system. If you too wish your family to have a cup of this healthy milk everyday then read on for its easy recipe.

All the ingredients used in this milk are easily available in Indian households. These ingredients also have some amazing health benefits!

Haldi And Saunf Milk Recipe Card

Drink a glass of this healthy milk before going to bed!

Total Time :
10 min
Preparation Time :
5 min
Cooking Time :
5 min
Servings :
Cooking Level :
Tanya Malik


  • Turmeric root or turmeric powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon saunf
  • Jaggery or gur as per taste
  • 1 cup milk


Step 1
If you wish to use turmeric root then grate it and keep aside.
Step 2
Take a cup of milk and add to a pan. Add grate turmeric or turmeric powder to the milk and mix.
Step 3
Next add fennel seeds or saunf to the milk and stir again.
Step 4
Next add gur or jaggery to it as per taste. This step can be skipped if you don't want to add any type of sugar to it.
Step 5
Bring this milk to boil and switch off the flame.
Step 6

saunf milk

Transfer this milk to your cup and enjoy.