Time and time we women have proved that nothing can stop us from being an all arounder. Someone, who can take care of the home and job with the same dedication and motivation. During these trying times, we got to know about another story of a five-month pregnant DSP, Shilpa Sahu, who is performing her duty to help keep others safe.   

Who Is Shilpa Sahu?

Who Is Shilpa Sahu

We can’t laud her and thank her enough for her dedication to her people. The video of this police officer went viral after a netizen uploaded a clip, wherein a lady was seen sending motorcyclists home with a lathi in her hand. Clad in a simple midi, it turned out that the woman in the video is DSP of Dantewada, who was performing her duty.   

As per the reports of a media house, before this, the lady police officer was a part of a special anti-Naxal force the ‘Danteshwari Fighters’. She switched from anti-Naxal operations post conceiving. However, this didn’t stop her from being a corona warrior and playing a major role in saving people’s lives from the deadly disease.   

What Shilpa Sahu Said About Performing Her Duty Amid Coronavirus Pandemic? 


The 29-year-old passionate police officer is out on the road, performing her duty since the first wave of the novel coronavirus. During an interview with News 18, she opened up about the same.   

“I have been taking rounds ever since lockdown was imposed in Dantewada this week. It is only in the initial days that you need to go out and check if people are stepping out…that too at a particular time of the day,” she said.   

“When you explain once or twice people also realise and enforcement happens,” she added.   

How Is She Taking Care Of Herself?  

Pregnancy can be different for everyone. While some prefer spending those nine months at home and enjoy the duration, others like Shipa Sahu feel better is performing her job. However, both need to take special care, especially given the current scenario. The 29-year-old DSP is also taking all the precautionary measures to keep herself and the baby safe.   

During the same interview, she explained, “Main to department mein hun per bachcha to department mein nahi hai (laughs) ..usko dhyan mein rakhte hue mask waigarah lagakar hum door se samjhate hain logon ko.” This roughly translates to,” I am in the department but the child is not in the workforce. Keeping this in mind, I wear mask and take other precautions and instruct people from a distance.”   

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How Are Netizens Reacting?  

Shilpa Sahu has been garnering praises from all around for her hard work. While one wrote on Twitter, “Salute to this woman standing like a solid rock in times of COVID pandemic. Inspiring!! Pregnant DSP manages vehicular movement in scorching heat, urges people to follow COVID restrictions.” Another tweeted, “Kudos to #ShilpaSahu for doing her duty. Shame on #COVIDIOTS who are still irresponsible and stepping out when the pandemic situation is so grim. She is doing her duty. And you? #COVID19India #StayHomeStaySafe.”   

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