Our society has conditioned our minds to believe some baseless myths. These myths have been propagated by the media and hence have been embedded in the brains of the people right from the start. One such ugly myth that you have to be a certain age, body type, complexion and etc. To look beautiful. Breaking these myths and eliminating them right from the core is very essential for our society in today’s times.

We are all engulfed by a lot of problems already and body shaming, the double beauty standards emerge as other big challenges while we women grow up.  Defying these challenges and paying no heed to them is what we need to do.  Dr. Falguni Vasavada is doing the same. Here’s her story, take a look at it and get inspired.

About Dr. Falguni Vasavada

falguni vasavada

Dr. Falguni Vasavada is a professor at one of the most reputed institutes of the country,  MICA.  She takes Strategic Marketing in the college and her students are very much fascinated by the way she lives and teaches them. Apart from being a professor, Dr. Vasavada is a double gold medallist, TEDx speaker, and a remarkable social media influencer. She has published journals, presented papers, and shown a glimpse of her work overseas as well. 

With her area of expertise being Advertising and Marketing, she is the coolest professor according to a lot of her students.  She is about 47 years of age and is a fine example of someone who lives life the way he/she wants to live it, never being affected by the online trolls Dr. Vasavada prefers to ignore the negativity in life and keep moving on your path with utter positivity and self-belief.

Dr. Falguni Vasavada’s Interests

falguni vasavada

Apart from being exceptionally great at the work she does, she likes to impart knowledge and make people aware of various topics relating to social media, self-branding, gender equality, body positivity women empowerment, work-life balance, happiness, lifestyle, and motivation. 

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When she is not working, she can be found reading women’s fiction novels, watching movies, and cooking her favourite meals. She is also a blogger who keeps her content focused on women empowerment, fashion, gender, and lifestyle. 

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Dr. Vasavada And Her Instagram Account

falguni vasavada

With over 56 thousand followers on her Instagram, Dr. Vasavada keeps in mind to create satirical content that is hilarious at the same time. That apart, she posts regularly with different styling ideas, fashion videos, etc. She loves spending time on social media and her audience loves it too. Her reels and videos on the platform are genuinely very engaging and happening. 

Dr. Vasavada is a woman who advocates many positive notions, she believes that only women themselves can get empowered, they need to get rid of the dependence the validation they seek from others. 

falguni vasavada

She is also very vocal about body shaming and how these things affect the minds of females in our society. She, therefore, says that Body positivity begins with yourself. And that, one must not give any importance to those who try to pull you down and keep you from flying. She herself practices the same mantra to be successful and therefore promulgates it as much as possible.

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 (Image Courtesy: Instagram Falguni Vasavada)