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    Style Tips: These Celeb-Inspired Turtleneck Outfits Are Perfect To Slay In Winters

    Winters are just around the corner and it’s time that we start updating our collection with some versatile pieces like turtleneck ensembles. 
    Updated at - 2020-11-03,15:59 IST
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    Winters happen to be one of the most fashionable seasons of the year. There is so much one can do with simple couture by layering them or clubbing with other random pieces. However, other than having various funky or chic garments, you should invest in something that is versatile and can work with anything or everything. 

    For instance, a turtleneck ensemble. You must have seen a lot of celebs or fashionistas donning them to exude glamour. If you also want to be on the top of your fashion game, try these celeb-approved turtleneck garments. 

    Deepika Padukone’s Baby Pink Sweater 

    Deepika Padukone’s Baby Pink Sweater

    The hue and the style of Deepika Padukone’s sweater is quite funky and chic at the same time. She who looks amazing in everything that she sports is carrying the piece with dewy makeup. We love that how the pattern on the neck area of the sweater is making her look way taller and sleek. You can also invest in something like this if you want to create a look like this. However, if you are petite, try that your outfit is a slim fit to give the illusion of slimmer and longer body. The best thing to do is to invest in pieces with vertical patterns. 

    Taapsee Pannu Midi Dress 

    Taapsee Pannu Midi Dress

    Black is almost loved by all of us and when it's winters, we need to have a dress that is casual, comfortable and smart. Taapsee Pannu’s plain black midi dress is exactly what we are talking about. You can wear this piece in several different ways, such as by pairing it with a pair of winter boots, adding a belt, wearing it with a pullover jacket, or just with minimal accessories during light winters. This dress is perfect for office, parties and a small get together. 

    Priyanka Chopra’s Turtleneck Top 

    Priyanka Chopra’s Turtleneck Top

    This khaki colour top is assisting her to ooze oomph in the best way possible! We love how she has clubbed neutral colours with a bright red midi skirt. If you have a piece, such as a leather pant or a sequin skirt that you don’t wear due to its shimmery look, winters are the time when you can style it differently to create a subtle appearance. Take cues from global star Priyanka Chopra. Just like her, use layering to up your fashion game like no one else! 

    Tara Sutaria’s Off-White Jumpsuit 

    Tara Sutaria’s Off White Jumpsuit

    Everything about this look is high-fashion and to absolutely die for! Newbie Tara Sutaria is impressing us with her acting skills and also her dress sense. While we have spotted her in some of the most classy ethnic wears, her western wear wardrobe is also quite impressive. This off-white jumpsuit can be donned during winters to make others green of envy. We love how she has clubbed her outfit with black Gucci belt and a simple gold chain. Her hairstyle and the shades are all complementing her look in the best way possible! 

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    Deepika Padukone’s Turtleneck Blouse 

    Deepika Padukone’s Turtleneck Blouse

    While we absolutely love our low-cut blouses, something as timeless as turtleneck blouses can never look anything less than uber-chic. A piece like this will make you stand out and will also help you garner praises. When it comes to winters, you can do a full-sleeve turtleneck blouse with amazing patterns or intricate embroidery. Even if you go with something totally plain, you can enhance its beauty by clubbing it with elegant jewellery pieces. 

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