Here Are All The Possible Reasons For Your Wedgie!

Does your underwear give you a lot of problems? Here are all the reasons it possibly does! 

Mahima Girotra
Wedgie means

Wedgies are embarrassing at their best, irritating at their worst!

You may assume that wedgies are a thing of the past, but it’s not uncommon for adults to ask themselves, “Why do I keep getting wedgies?” Both men’s and women’s underwear styles can lead to wedgies, as can the size, fit, and age of your undergarments. And when your underwear clusters between the cheeks, it can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing.

If you spend most of your time adjusting your pants to avoid wedgies, make sure no one is watching you pull the underwear out from your butt crack!

What Is A Wedgie?

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A wedgie occurs when an individual’s underwear gets stuck between their buttocks naturally, without an outside force.

A wedgie was considered to be a form of bullying when one individual forcibly pulled somebody’s underwear from behind to give them an irritable feeling. This act used to be either performed as an act of bullying or prank in schools.

There were times when a person was hanged using the back of his underwear, up in the air forcefully giving him a wedgie as an act of violence or bullying. The act is no longer witnessed but is something to take note of.

Today, this act is considered a performance for comedians. But the naturally occurring wedgies give a level of discomfort and you may find the person irritable.

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Why Do You Get A Wedgie?

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Wrong Size

A naturally occurring wedgie happens when the individual is wearing the wrong size of underwear. The person could be wearing a smaller or larger size of underpants, that cause discomfort to his/her bottom area.

For the times you’re on the move, the loose or tight underwear tends to shift position, causing you a wedgie.

The underwear doesn’t seem to be in the perfect place, which causes discomfort to the individual, and results in irritability.

With loose underwear, there is an excess fabric that needs to fit somewhere. To fit the excess, it finds its way through the butt into your buttocks, giving you a wedgie.

The Type Of Underwear

There are multiple types of underwear like briefs and bikini bottoms that cover half your bum. These underwears too tend to give you a wedgie.

Is Your Underwear Old?

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Your underwear may be well fitted but there are times your underwear turns old, wearing out the elasticity and leaving the sizing issue back to what gives you a wedgie. The loose underwear knows its place and ends up securing a spot into your butt crack.

How To Avoid A Wedgie?

Go Through Your Bunch

Have an overlook at your underwear drawer and retire the ones that have been inside for more than a year, have stains or holes, or have outstretched their fabric. It is essential, to be honest with yourself and bid farewell to underwear that is past its expiration date.

For purchasing new underwear, you need to wear the right size for yourself. Every brand has different sizes and styles. While ABC brand may suit in size 32, XYZ brand may suit a 34 size in a much different style.

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Try Newer Styles

You should give a shot to other styles while you are diving into buying a new pair of underpants for yourself. It may have always been the style that might have caused the irritable wedgie. Women’s styles are no different—all offer a wedgie-free experience. Try the high-waisted underwear, boy shorts underwear, or hipster panties for the most coverage and support.

Pay Attention To Fabric Of The Underwear

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The fabric of your underwear always plays a crucial role. Not all fabrics are created equal, and this cannot be more true for what causes wedgies! Always look for organic fibers that protect your privates naturally.

Choice Of Clothing

Rather than making all the changes to your underwear, you can make changes to the clothes you’re wearing on top. Go for loose and free-flowing clothing like oversized boxers and briefs. It’s easier for your underwear to stay in one place when it’s not tugged or pushed with tight clothes.

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