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    Kill The Chills With These Winter Blouse Designs That Are Super Stylish

    Want to look stylish but don't want to feel cold? Fret not because we have some blouse designs that are perfect for this season.
    Updated at - 2021-12-29,16:12 IST
    winter blouse designs lehenga main

    This is the time for weddings and lots of festivities. I’m sure you all must be preparing for one event or the other. And the most important part is the outfit. However, winter festivities are quite worrisome for ladies as they can’t show off their outfit and stay warm at the same time.

    Fret not, because we have some amazing blouse designs for you that will help you to kill the chill and keep your fashion game high at the same time. Have a look.


    cape winter blouse designs

    Cape is a trend that has been popular for quite some time now. This trend is really amazing as it gives you an edge and different look along with keeping you warm. A cape will also help you to hide your bulges during the wedding season and show off your killer looks.

    Capes are not limited to a single style. Instead, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can go for a short cape or a long one or one with long sleeves or one that has a slit. Each of these will give your outfit a stylish twist and make you stand out from the rest.

    Exaggerated Sleeves

    exaggerated winter blouse designs

    This season is the time to flaunt your sleeves and exaggerated sleeves is the newest and the hottest trend. These exaggerated sleeves don’t only serve the purpose of making you look fashionable but also keep you warm and safe.

    These sleeves will save you from those goosebumps while dancing in the open and I’m sure that you will gain a lot of praise.


    jacket winter blouse designs

    This is one trend that has come back from the past and we are glad that it did. Now, men are not the only ones at weddings who are in their cosy outfits. With these jacket or coat blouses, we ladies can also enjoy the weddings in our gorgeous and cosy outfits.

    Net Sleeves

    net winter blouse designs

    Net sleeves are an evergreen trend. You can find it at every event because these don’t go out of style. This is because these sleeves cover your body without ruining your outfit. This is specially for the ones who just can’t decide between sleeveless and long sleeves. So, if you are someone who wants to wear a sleeveless outfit but you also feel cold, then you can go for net sleeves.


    peplum winter blouse designs

    Peplum is my favourite one out of the list. This one looks super stylish paired up with a lehenga skirt and it also allows you to skip that annoying dupatta. This one not only keeps your arms warm but covers the rest of your body as well. You can opt for a short or a long peplum blouse and both of these look gorgeous as well as don’t let you shiver in the cold.

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    shirt winter blouse designs

    Pair up your heavy lehenga skirt with a western shirt and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. The best pairing is a classic white shirt and a brocade lehenga. This is quite in trend right now and is perfect for winters as well.


    layer winter blouse designs

    Layering is the perfect option for your winter outfit. Just wear your lehenga and add a shrug over your blouse and you are good to go. However, make sure that the shrug complements your outfit otherwise it will ruin the whole look.

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    velvet winter blouse designs

    When we are talking about winter blouses, then we can never forget velvet. It is the perfect fabric for your lehenga during the winter season. This gives you a regal look, is super soft and keeps you warm. You can experiment with the velvet fabric and get a blouse of your choice.

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