We saw a lot of trends in the year 2021, be it fashion or beauty or home décor. However, something that caught our eyes were the trending hairstyles this season. Let’s have a look at all the hairstyle trends of 2021.

Half Bubble Ponytail

In the year 2021, half-bubble ponytails were quite in trend. Women were seen sporting this hairstyle with casual outfits. This is really simple to make. Just make a half ponytail as you would normally do. Now, put 3-4 rubber bands at some distance. Pull out your hair strands to bring out a fluff. This is upper easy to make and is best for times you are in a hurry but still want to look stylish.

Hair Bands

hairstyle hairstyle trends

Since the start of the year, hair bands have been quite popular. Even lots of celebrities were spotted in a hairband. Hair Bands are available in a variety of colours and styles. You can choose the one that suits your personality and goes with your outfit. Leave your hair loose and just put on a hairband and your look will be instantly elevated.

Also, if you have oily hair but still don't want to tie them in a ponytail or braid, you can just put on a hairband. The hairband will attract all the attention and no one will notice your greasy strands.

High Ponytails

ponytail hairstyle trends  

Another hairstyle that has been in trend this year is the evergreen high ponytail. High ponytails will always be a trend and you can never go wrong with these. This hairstyle is perfect for every occasion, be it casual or formal. You can try it with any outfit and your hair will be done in just a minute.

Space Buns

space buns hairstyle trends

People have been in the mood for some funk this year as we have seen people sport the space bun hairstyle quite a lot this year. This hair adds a quirk and an element of cuteness. It is super simple to make. You just have to make a middle parting. Make two buns and you are good to go.

Insta Beach Waves

This hairstyle is one of the most trending ones in the year of 2021. You might have seen it while scrolling through your insta feed. And we’ve all fallen in love with this perfect hairstyle. It is easy to style and you can pair it with any outfit, be it casual, be it formal or ethnic. This hairstyle can be styled up with a simple outfit as well as an over the top outfit. According to me, this is something that you must try.

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Natural Curls

curly hairstyle trends

Natural curls have been preferred by several women lately. More than open hair, people have preferred curly hairstyles as these have an element of chic to the look. Also, women have preferred highlights with this hairstyle.

You will find a lot of curly hairstyles on social media sites from where you can take inspiration.

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Messy Top Knot

This has been the trend for quite some time. It is quite popular and also easy to make. This hairstyle looks quite good with casual outfits. Also, this would be the perfect hairstyle for travelling or for a lazy at home. 

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