5 Tips To Survive Shopping In Heels

From opting for heeled shoes to wearing wedges, shopping can be less painful if you happen to know these tips!

Kumari Rajnigandha
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For many of us, walking out in style means wearing high heels. We've all experienced the exhaustion of walking in heels all day. These high heel hacks will allow you to go shopping for as long as you want. If you want to wear comfy high heels, you need first figure out what style of shoe is appropriate for your foot type.

If you have high arches, shock-absorbing heels, such as rubber or cork platforms, will be the most comfortable to wear while shopping. Kitten heels may be the greatest option for people with flat feet.

Do the names of the most significant men in your life include Manolo, Jimmy Choo, Enzo, and Steve Madden? If this is the case, high heels are almost certainly a component of your wardrobe. But, unlike our on-screen heroines, who can do the most difficult dance moves while balancing on 4-inch stiletto heels, the high heeled existence in the real world may be lethal. Wearing high heels has its own set of downsides, ranging from foot discomfort and muscular cramps to more serious issues that, if not handled promptly, might necessitate surgery.

Wear Wedges


People who enjoy wearing wedges vouch for its comfort, and rightly so. For those of us who wish to feel a little taller, we've long sacrificed comfort for fashion, risking consequences at the end of those long days. We've all looked for comfy women's shoes to add to our increasing collection.

We're here to inform you that you don't have to abandon your ambition. Fortunately, wedges are available, and they are far more comfortable than heels.

Avoid Strappy Heels

strappy heels

If you don't like the appearance of wedges, mules are a sure bet; their no-fuss design is just incredibly tempting for anyone who wants to wear heels while shopping. When walking, a thicker sole, such as platform heels, distributes pressure more evenly and absorbs more shock.

More coverage on the top of your foot and wider straps will keep you shopping all day.

Take, for example, high-heeled footwear. They are less irritating to your feet than their summer equivalents. Wider straps provide very much similar advantages.

Take A Break

Take a pause before you begin to experience pain. Take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee. To reduce tension, perform a few stretches such as pointing your toes, rolling your ankles, and stretching your calves. If you're in a bit of uneasiness, take off your high heels for the day. You can always conquer the world (or the mall) another day in high heels.

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Remove Heels While Sitting

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While taking a break, make sure you give your feet enough time to relax by removing the heels. High heels can be excruciatingly difficult to wear the entire day so make sure that you take breaks whenever required. Give your feet a short break before you begin to take a stroll again. By the time you are ready to take a stroll again, your feet would have relaxed and stretched enough to not give you extra trouble.

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Opt For Heeled Shoes

In fact, if you wish to look taller but want to be comfortable still, you can opt for heeled shoes. Yes, with the shoes on your feet won’t have to bear that excruciating pain of heels while still making you look tall. You can actually get the best of both worlds this way!

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