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7 Dress Up Styles To Make You Look Taller

Clothes not only influence how you look, but they can also determine how tall you look.
outfits to look tall

The way one dresses can affect their appearance in several ways. Wrong clothing choices can make one appear shorter than they are, while smart clothing selections can give the illusion of a taller height. It's all about fashion!

As Anna Wintour says, “You either know fashion or you don’t.” 

While there is nothing wrong with dressing in one's preferred way, as different people can like different types of styling, and who knows one's distinct style may become a fashion trend tomorrow. However, if you are someone who finds a taller appearance more fascinating, here are some wardrobe suggestions to help you get the look you desire. So get ready to view a list of styling ideas that you should include into your wardrobe right away:

Micro Print Short Dress

micro print dress

Get yourself a pretty short dress with tiny patterns on it to create the illusion of a taller look. Micro prints, which are teeny-tiny in size, can make a great impact by giving an extended look, whereas big prints tend to reduce. Additionally, short dresses that show off your legs will also make you appear taller.

Vertical Stripes

vertical strip dress

Vertical stripes are another elegant way to create the illusion of a tall look, but with a touch of elegance. The clothes with vertical stripes can give the appearance of taller legs & more skimmed legs. However, horizontal stripes should be avoided as they may make you appear shorter.

Pointed Nude Heels

nude heels

(Image courtesy: harpersbazaar.com)

Pointed Nude Heels are the perfect pair of footwears for your tall and stylish look. These pointed shoes will make your legs appear longer as they add more than an inch or two to your feet, and heels in a nude colour will blend in with your body. All of this will make you appear taller.

High-Waisted Bottom wear

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High-Waisted trousers or jeans are a flattering way to look taller. These pieces, however, are not only great in making you look taller, but they also cover the stomach area, masking your stomach bulge and making you look slimmer. A higher waist will make your legs appear longer, stretching out your overall appearance.

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Plunge V- Necks

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V-shaped necklines create the illusion of a longer torso and draws the attention downwards, making you appear taller. Furthermore, this attire looks very stylish and are super easy to dress too. Basically, attires with plunge V-necks are a super-easy and chic way to add an illusion of height into your stylish wardrobe.

Column Outfit

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Straight, fitted pieces with a 'column' feel are a brilliant way to get your desired look. These outfits create straight lines up and down your body,  which can make you look taller. 

Column clothes are a wise clothing choice not only because they can create the illusion of height, but also because they are super stylish and very versatile.

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Monochromatic outfits

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Monochromatic outfits are a fabulous style for your desired look. These chic outfits are quite fashionable and are favourites of many women.

This outfit can create a cohesive aesthetic that keeps the eye moving up and down (similar to column logic), creating the illusion of taller legs.Bring these monochromatic into your wardrobe for a classy addition.

These styles are chic and will never let you down. So go forward and flaunt your flair in your desired look.

Tell us which outfit is your most preferred one to create the illusion of being taller by leaving a comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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