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Make Your Closet Versatile With These Heels In Your Collection

A woman wearing high heels feels more confident and savvy.
must have heels

Heels are gorgeous footwear that every woman adores. Other than the fact that high heels can add height to the wearer, they also give them a more classy and attractive appearance. These footwears are graceful, sexy, and come in a variety of colours and styles to add an elegant touch to our outfit. But, no matter how much we desire them, we can't have them all, right?

However, I want to comfort you that all of these heels are not required to make your footwear collection trendy and stylish. If you have a variety of versatile heels, you may wear them with any outfit to create the most chic looks possible.

Take a look at the types of heels you'll need to round out your collection for a more versatile wardrobe.

1. Multi-coloured Statement Heels

multi cloured heels

Pairing your outfit with same coloured heels can give your outfit a good look, but if you pair it with a contrast of multi-colored heels, it will absolutely steal the show. They can liven up any outfit and are a great way to play around with colour without going overboard.

You can match your multi-colour heels with an ample number of shades to create a striking style. The best part about having a pair of multi-coloured heels is that you won't have to buy different colours for different outfits, making it the most flexible option. These heels come in a variety of styles, so choose the one that appeals to you the most. However make sure the colours pop out in your footwear.

2. Nude Heels

nude colour heels

Heels in neutral or neutral colours are one of the most elegant pieces of footwear that can provide the illusion of a taller height. This is due to the fact that nude colours match with the colour of the skin.

For a more comfortable option, go for nude heels with a cushion. These cushions can provide additional comfort, making them an excellent choice for most of your outfits. These heels are not only suitable for western styles, but they can also rock the casual Indian wears. That is to say, juttis aren't your only option for ethnic wear.

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3. Black Pointed Heels

Black Pointed Heels

Black pointed heels are a must-have for every woman's footwear collection, especially for office-going women. These black pointed heels are the ideal footwear to complement your formal ensemble. These pairs of shoes are a smart and tidy addition which can give a smart and professional look. 

However these are not just great for formal occasions. Pair them with dresses and evening wear and prepare to turn heads with your stunning appearance. 

From pant-suits to dresses and everything in between, they are an ideal match. You can prefer them for semi casual and formal occasions. You can also pair them with vividly printed clothing for an even more daring look.

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4. Transparent Heels

transparent heels

(Image courtesy: Amazon)

Transparent heels are stylish and versatile footwear that may be worn with any outfit. Yes, these heels are quite adaptable and can be worn with any style or colour. Wear these shoes with any attire to add elegance and style to your alluring appearance. These come in a variety of heel shapes and heights, ranging from a solid block heel to a see-through-the-high heel. Choose one among these styles that matches your taste and comfort.

5. Traditional Jewelled Heels

traditional jewelled heels

To go with all of your heavy traditional Indian outfits, including your lehengas and sarees, you only need one pair of traditional jeweled heels. These wedge heels will be considerably more comfy than other types of heels and will add an elegant touch to our gorgeous attire. For your friends' weddings, festivals, or poojas, this blend of flair and comfort can be your bestie. So glam up your look the proper way with these flawless heels for your flawless look.

Elevate your look with these stylish heels and turn heads wherever you go. Are you a fan of high heels? Which sort of heels do you prefer and why? Do  let us know what you think by leaving a comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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