Hoops are versatile pieces of jewellery. While it suits everyone, no wonder its trend is making a glamorous this summer season. It will be available in different sizes and colours, so you are definitely going to add a few in your collection. Learn about the latest trends and how you can pull them off like a pro!

Multiple Hoops

tips to wear hoop earrings multiple hoops

For those who are not satisfied with just one, multiple hoops to your rescue! Kirti Sanon was seen donning this multiple hoops with a ruffled dress. Wear these earrings for a brunch and you will definitely get a few compliments.

Large Hoops

tips to wear hoop earrings large hoops

Alia Bhatt took things to the next level by wearing a choker-size pair to an event. Large hoops are subtle, yet playful and can be paired with every outfit. Whether it’s for a toned down day look or a flashy night out, these babies will have you covered for every outing!

Textured Hoops

The hoops have gotten an upgrade with textures and beads added to them, making them suitable for casual outfits. Right from an ethnic dress to a western cocktail dress, these gorgeous numbers will help you amp up every possible look out there.

Enamel Hoops

tips to wear hoop earrings enamel hoops

Enamel hoop earrings are donning this summer trend. Be it a lunch date or cocktail party, these earrings are the perfect choice for every occasion. 

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Stacked Hoops

textured hoops

A combination of the stacking jewellery trend and hoop earrings, these chunky pieces are impossible to miss and will help you take your style quotient to an all-time high.

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Medium Sized Hoops

Medium hoops are every girl’s go-to accessory when you think of statement earrings. These chunky pieces are visually elaborate, yet fairly light, so you can wear them hours without having pain. These type of earrings will go well with plain fabric and add that much-needed pop!

So, what are you waiting for? Jazz up your look with right pair of hoops and make those hear turn around for all the right reason!

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