Of all the fashion disasters that take place, the funniest ones are where the person wears the wrong earring on the wrong occasion. Just imagine wearing jhumkas to a party and studs to a wedding? What kind of a blunder is that? 

We get that some people wish to be minimal or are too lazy to change the earring. However, this one is for all those people who want to be up to date with fashion, match their earrings to their outfits and occasions, but just don’t know how to!

Here is a list of five types of earrings that will go best with these five types of occasions! 


earrings for weddings and pujas

Image Credit: kiara advani instagram

For any such occasion where you are expected to wear a traditional outfit, we recommend you to go beyond the usual jhumkas and explore earrings of different shapes and sizes just like the one Kiara Advani was seen sporting on her Instagram handle. This will not only make you stand out of the common jhumka wearing crowd but will instantly elevate your look!

Beach Vacation

feather earrings for beach earrings

Image Credit: images.unsplash

Beaches are all about tiny outfits and big earrings. Now when we say big do not think of large gold dangling earrings. We mean feathers and tassels(read on tassel fashion)! This will look extremely colourful, will embrace the vibe of the beach and the best part is that if you invest in one multicoloured feather earring, you can use it on different outfits! 

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Cocktail Party 

party earrings

Image Credit: i.pinimg

These days, the current fashion trends preach, ‘less is more’. This is why we suggest you wear a thin and long earring on any occasion equivalent to a cocktail party. While you can experiment with the length, we suggest you not do the same with the breadth. Let the earring be thin. To make it more glamorous, wear long ones!


earrings for casual fromal wear

Image Credit: i.pinimg

When in doubt, wear a stud! We kid you not, earrings are important when you go to a formal interview. You cannot be sitting there on the chair, selling your resume to the company while wearing shimmery danglers in your ear. It immediately raises questions about your professionalism. Similarly, if you are dressed normally and are just going down to meet your friends, do not overdo your earrings! For times like these, we suggest you invest in good studs. Try and buy them in a common colour that goes well with all outfits like silver/golden/white. 

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Afternoon Outing

Dressing up in the afternoon is the toughest! Since it is the daytime, you cannot wear earrings that are too glamorous, however, it is an outing so you do not want to look too casual. We suggest you wear everything you wish to, in smaller sizes. If you are wearing an Indian outfit, wear jhumkas that are small. If you are wearing a dress, wear the kind of earrings you wore for the cocktail party, just make sure it is shorter. The earring type will do justice to the outing and the smaller size will do justice to the daytime! 

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