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Sharara & Gharara: Difference & Similarities

Are you often confused between sharara and gharara, then read on.
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Nothing remains constant in the fashion world, everything keeps changing. No trend stays forever. Trends come and go at their own speed. Currently, shararas and ghararas have taken the ethnic fashion world by storm. These are quite trending but people often get confused between sharara and gharara.

There are many fashion terms that confuse people and sharara & gharara are one of them. If you are also of those who can’t understand the difference, then worry not as we are here to tell you about the difference and similarities between the two.


style sharara gharara

In the most simple terms, sharara is a pair of flared pants. They are loose around the legs and the flare is quite good. Due to this flare, the sharara is also referred to as lehenga pants. These are party pants, therefore are heavily embellished with pearls, zari, sequin, gota patti or others.

Whether it is a wedding or an engagement party or a small puja, you can never go wrong with sharara. These are usually worn with long kurti and a dupatta. However, as we mentioned before, the fashion world is changing at all times therefore, people have started to wear it with short kurtis and anarkalis as well.


difference sharara gharara

Gharara is very similar to a sharara but the two have their own differences. The gharara is fitted from the top of the knees, then there is a band where the fabric is gathered to create a flare till the toes.

The thick band is present to hide the joint and is made with beautiful lace. Again, gharara can be worn at any traditional event and it will look beautiful. It is worn with a short kurti and a dupatta.


  • Both these outfits are popular in South Asia.
  • Both of them are popularly worn by Indian and Muslim women.
  • Both of them are worn at weddings or other traditional events.
  • Both of them require a large amount of fabric, ranging from 8 to 12 meters.
  • Both of these outfits are heavily embellished.
  • Both of these pieces date back to the Mughal era in the 16th century.


similarities sharara gharara


  • Sharara is of Lebanese origin.
  • Gharara originated from the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh.


  • Sharara is a loose flared outfit that consists of a pair of wide-legged pants. These wide-legged pants are teamed up with a dupatta and a kurti. The pants are continuous and flow freely. There is no stitch at the knees.
  • Gharara is a Luchnowi outfit that consists of wide-legged pants that are lurched at the knees. These pants are paired up with a short kurti and a dupatta.


  • A sharara is fitted at the waist and flows down freely without any joints.
  • A gharara is fitted from the waist to the knees. At the knees, extra fabric is attached and a flare falls down from the knees. Often a beautiful lace is added at the knee to hide the joint.

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Kurta Length

  • A sharara can be paired up with both short or long kurta.
  • A gharara will look graceful only with a short kurta as it will allow you to flaunt your gharara pants with style.

Style Tips

fashion sharara gharara

  • If you are going for a big function like a wedding, then go for a heavily embellished outfit. Make sure that there is heavy embroidery along with other elements like gota patti, zari work, pearls, sequins and more.
  • If you are going for a function with a small gathering like a family get together or a small puja, then you can go for a simple attire. It can be printed or net or anything that you like.
  • Pair up the outfit with a chand bali and adding a head jhoomar is also a great idea.
  • You can either pair up the outfit with a pair of heels. Or if you want to be comfortable, then team up the outfit with a pair of juttis.
  • Style your hair well. Either style them in light curls or leave them natural or half tie them. I would recommend half tie your hair.
  • Your makeup should be on point.

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Whether it is a wedding or a puja, sharara and gharara are great options. You can never go wrong with these outfits as they look extremely wonderful. You may have spotted these outfits on many Bollywood actresses, both on-screen and off-screen, and they always look beautiful. You should also give it a try and trust me, you will look gorgeous. 

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