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    Take Your Saree Styling A Notch Higher This Winter Season

    Attend the winter weddings like a diva by styling your sarees using these simple and easy tips.
    Published -27 Nov 2020, 16:06 ISTUpdated -09 Nov 2021, 18:32 IST

    It becomes massively troubling to be able to wear a saree in the winter season, but some women just love the saree so much that they just can’t let go of it. If you are among the ladies who love saree then we have some cool tips and ideas that will help you accentuate your saree looks instantly with ease.  And post that, you can don these sarees to any winter wedding like a diva without feeling cold and uneasy. So, take a look here.

    Style Your Saree With An Ethnic Jacket 

    saree coat

    Style your saree along with your favourite ethnic jackets. Just drape your saree normally, if you feel very cold then wear a skin coloured thermal inside, and then before doing your pallu, wear your ethnic jacket and then plate the palla and take it from over the chest to the shoulder and pin it up on the jacket. Button up the jacket and add some cool jewellery to amp up your look. And there you go, we bet you this look is going to keep you both warm and comfortable and make you look super smart.

    Style Your Saree With A Long Over Coat

    sareelong coat

    Make a statement with a long overcoat. To make a graceful and stylish impact with your saree add a long overcoat in an evergreen shade, which could be black, off white, brown or the one the matches your saree perfectly. You can wear as many layers as you want underneath it and you wouldn't look fat at all. The reason behind it is that both the saree and the overcoat, would give the illusion of length and would look taller instead of fat. So, drape your saree, pin-up and add an elegant overcoat, you can also cinch in your waist with a belt or add a simple brotch to go with it.

    Skip The Blouse, Add The T-shirt

    t shirt saree

    Another very cool trick to beat the winters while wearing a saree is to sport a casual saree look by wearing a full sleeves T-shirt in the place of the blouse. Drape your saree, do the plates, then wear your thermals and on top of that, wear a solid t-shirt that compliments the saree. Lastly, make big plates on the pallu and add a traditional kamarband or a stylish belt to accentuate your look instantly.

    Don An Anarkali Kurta With The Saree

    kurta saree

    This might seem like a slightly abrupt combination to you but you can pair your saree with a solid neutral Anarkali kurta. Yes, that's right. Once you're done with draping(mistakes we make while draping your saree) and plating your saree, then wear your kurta over the layers then loosely suspend the pallu and take it over the shoulder. This would really look very chic and unique and you would definitely be able to catch a lot of eyeballs for sure. If you want to take this look to a different level, then go ahead and add oxidised jewellery and wrap a scarf around your head elegantly.

    Style It All With A High Neck Blouse

    high neck blouse

    Although this trick would work for mild winters(celeb-inspired winter outfits) or if you don't feel very cold.  The trick is to get a high neck blouse stitched and also ask the tailor to leave at least an inch for you to be able to wear a thin thermal/skin-tight cardigan under it and voila! You're gonna be good to go and turn heads in winters with your extraordinary fashion sense.

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    Pair A Peplum Top And A Saree

    top saree

    Last but not the least way is to don a peplum top and eliminate the pallu of the saree. So, pick up your favourite saree and add a peplum top on top of it. Skip the pallu and drape the entire saree around your waist and secure with pins. Add a waist belt, matching jewellery and we're done!

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