Renting fashion has been a concept in India for over two decades now, but there was no such organized platform that existed. The scope of renting out was limited to mom-and-pop stores or very limited shops in markets like Chandni Chowk. The need for exquisite designer wear on rent had to be satisfied. 

Today, Fashionistas are getting more inclined towards renting their choice of designer outfits for various reasons. Whether they want to save closet space or money. They are shifting to renting rather than buying to fill their desires and look their very best on every occasion without repeating outfits.

An additional advantage of not burning a hole in the pocket cannot be ignored. There are varieties of options at one's disposal at companies that can help you achieve your dream look within your budget and without the hassle of maintaining them. We thus communicated with Aanchal Saini, the CEO of Flyrobe, India’s first and largest fashion rental service company with an omnichannel distribution, in order to understand why we must opt for rental fashion and how is it impact the fashion currents.

Rental Fashion Is Sustainable


Since the world is moving towards Greener options, it is best to help the environment while you explore the latest trends. Fashion rentals encourage ‘conscious buying’. Here, you save money and the environment while you make rental as a choice. 

Customers Can Choose A Look They Want Online 


The customers today are focusing more on online shopping which is actually buying them time to choose their option and to make their own decision without any pressure. 

Rental Fashion Requires Lesser Efforts

Renting an outfit takes a little less effort than buying a new one and up-keeping it for life. Here you know what you want, you go to the platform choose your options and select the one you love. Hence it makes the shopping experience happy and stress-free.

Rental Fashion Is Budget-Friendly

rental fashion and why is it better

The consumer gets access to aspirational products at affordable prices. There is no storage hassle of idle lying occasion wear that is an added advantage. Hygiene is a top priority for most rental companies. When you rent out an outfit you really don’t need to worry about cleaning or maintenance. Many of you would not know, but the products at Flyrobe are carefully dry cleaned and sanitised every time before it reaches its user. The reverse process of a high-level quality check is again followed upon return of product before it is stored back in the inventory at the warehouse. 

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You Can Don A New Look Every Time


Renting is like Netflix for fashion. A new dress for every occasion. The beauty of renting is the chance to wear a new outfit on every occasion. Renting an outfit is light on pocket leaves room to invest in solid assets. 

Over years the TG has moved to millennials making rentals a smarter choice from the aspirational class renting only to save money.

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