The humid season is definitely one of the most difficult to survive. It causes pers[piration and sweat, causes skin troubles and makes us super uneasy all the time. However, you can try lessening the discomfort easily by trying hacks that are made to fight the humid weather. And while many problems might be tolerated in this season, what you wear, how you wear and for how long, all these things are definitely going to affect you to an extent that you will have to do something about it. So, we are here with a complete style guide for you to try this season. Try these easy rainy season fashion hacks and be comfortable and dry.

Wear Breathable Fabrics 


In the humid season, it is better to avoid synthetically made fabrics that soak in the water and make you wet. Rather you should go for a fabric that is light, breathable and does not retain the moisture as much. Because even if it doesn't rain, the humidity will cause a lot of perspiration and if that gets accumulated in the fabric,  you will start feeling super uncomfortable and uneasy.

Here are some of the best materials to use for the humid season:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Denim
  • Rayon
  • Chambray

Do Not Wear Too Skin Tight Clothes 


We know how much the trend for wear skin fit clothes has grown in the past few years. But you should know that that skin fit clothes or body-hugging materials make you sweat even more. 

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And just in case if you get wet, the entire dress will be drenched and this will make things even more difficult for you. So, wear more comfy clothes like a baggy T-shirt, pyjamas & more to make yourself feel good and dry in the rainy season.

Wear Neutral Colours

We all know that dark colours trap the radiations from the sun and make us feel even hotter. And this is almost like a curse in this season the more the heat the more is the sweat, and thus you should wear lighter and more neutral shades in order to prevent the humidity from troubling you. Neutral colours are known for inducing a calm and relaxing vibe and that is why they turn out to be beneficial when there is humidity in the atmosphere.

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Go For Minimalist Looks

Well,  a lot of accessories might surely help in accentuating your outfit but the deal is that they also make you feel too decked up, uncomfortable and are troublesome. You can instead follow the minimalistic route and take your fashion sense a notch higher with minimal accessories. 
This not only is great from the weather point of view but it is also easily doable and is classy.

Transparent Rain Coats


Just in case you are a lover of rain and you can really resist yourself from dancing beneath it then you should learn to style your looks in such a way that a transparent raincoat goes well with it.
The transparent material of the coat is perfect is to don when you want to flaunt your clothes and stay dry at the same time!

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