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  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial

Learn How To Identify Pure Pashmina Shawls

With rapid technological advancements, fake Pashmina shawls are also getting as better and closer to the original one.   
Published -16 Feb 2022, 16:41 ISTUpdated -16 Feb 2022, 17:05 IST
  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial
  • Published -16 Feb 2022, 16:41 ISTUpdated -16 Feb 2022, 17:05 IST
real cashmere pashmina shawl main

Is having an original Pashmina a cherished dream for you? Then, you should definitely read this article.

Pure Pashmina shawls are loved by every woman out there. And why not? These elegant shawls are warm but light and beautiful, and truly are a symbol of the exceptional artistry of the local Kashmiri craftsmen. They are not only cozy but have also become a style statement for the past several decades.

However, when a product has a mass market, there are more chances that its counterfeit products are being produced.

So, we are going to save you from that hassle as we have listed down some very easy to perform tests to identify pure cashmere pashmina shawls from the fake ones. 

Get your detective glasses on and try these tips and tricks to test the authenticity of the shawl before you actually invest in it.

But first, it is time for some basics!

What Is Pashmina Made Of?

pure pashmina shawl

Image Courtesy: mapsofindia.com

Pashmina is actually a fine variant of cashmere derived from the Changthangi mountain goat. 

This special wool is collected from these goats during the molting season when they shed their coats. But the weavers make sure that they attain the wool by not shearing it and only by combing the hair. Then, they hand spin the wool and weave it on the traditional spinning wheels.

This is a very time-taking process and having a low supply of raw materials makes it all the more difficult to satiate the huge demand. This complicated process has also given rise to a big market for Pashmina’s fake counterparts. They are of cheap and low quality but look like the real ones. 

So, now the ultimate question arises, how can you identify pure pashmina shawls?

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How To Identify An Original Pashmina Shawl?

Before spending your hard-earned money on purchasing a fake pashmina, it is better that you understand how to identify a real one. 

So, take a look at these tips and tricks following which you will surely get saved from owning a fake piece of the otherwise elegant and expensive material.

Go For The Burn Test

burn test pashmina

Image Courtesy: angelajey.com

Don’t worry, we don’t want you to spoil your precious shawl. But picking up one or two threads from the fringes won’t harm the fabric or ruin the design. 

For this purity test, take a thread of the shawl, place it on a plate, and burn it. While the fabric is burning, carefully smell the burnt thread.

Since you now know that the raw wool of Pashmina is made from the hair of the mountain goat, it would also smell like that when it is burnt, right? 

However, if it smells like burnt leaves or white vinegar and you see big flames, and leave a small bump behind, it certainly means that it is a semi-synthetic fiber (viscose) or polyester.

Also, apart from smelling the burnt fabric, you can check the remaining ashes with your fingertips carefully. If the ash turns out to be like a powdery substance, then the fabric is likely to be real. If not, then, you definitely know you are not going to purchase that shawl!

Glue Helps!

An authentic cashmere pashmina cannot hold glued label or tag for long. This is a clear way from which you can know that the product you are going to purchase is probably a fake one. 

Therefore, if there needs to be a label or a tag, it often has to be stitched in the fabric itself. This is a sign of a high-quality product.

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Check The Weave

Weave test

Image Courtesy: Sunrise Pashmina

Checking the weave of the Pashmina shawl can also prove to be a good way to check its authenticity.

A pure pashmina shawl is woven through handloom weaving. Because of this, it will always have an irregular weave. For checking this, you can hold the Pashmina against the light, if the weave is even, then the fabric is machine-made. And you need to steer clear from that!

Which of these tips and tricks are you going to try for your next purchase? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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