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Choose The Perfect Outfits For A Sleepover With Your Girls

Want amazing pictures at your sleepover? Wear these cute night suits.
Published -02 Mar 2022, 15:00 ISTUpdated -02 Mar 2022, 15:16 IST
nightsuit sleepover main

Fashionistas don’t only be in style during the day but they also want to look their best during the night. In today’s time when we post everything on social media, we need to dress according to it, even on sleepovers because what is a sleepover with your girls without some cute pictures and fun reels.

So, if you have a fun sleepover planned with your girls, then you should definitely have the perfect night suit for it. Here are some cute night suit ideas for you. Wear these and I’m sure that you will look the best.

Quirky Prints

quirky print nightsuit sleepover

Nigh suits are not about the glam, they are about being comfortable. You should be comfortable in your night suit. To add the style quotient to your comfortable night suit, make it quirky and funky. Get a night suit with quirky prints like lipstick, cake, fruits, cats, shopping bags and many more. You can a night suit with any print and it will look super cute.

Christmas Vibes

christmas nightsuit sleepover

If you are planning a sleepover around the holidays, then you need to look at the part. Bring the festive cheer with Christmas prints on your night suit. Get a comfy pyjama set with Christmas prints on it. It can have a Santa cap, Christmas tree, reindeers, snowflakes, lights and many more. To add some more festive touch, wear a reindeer hairband or a Santa cap and you will be ready for Christmas morning.

A Cute T-shirt Dress

dress nightsuit sleepover 

T-shirt dresses are quite in trend right now as they are super comfortable and look cute at the same time. People prefer to wear this while travelling or this can even make a wonderful work from home outfit as it is quite comfortable.

U-Along with this, a t-shirt dress will perfect for a sleepover with your girls as it look super cute. You will amazing pictures for Instagram in this and everyone will be praising you.

Fussy Nightsuit

fussy nightsuit sleepover

If you are looking for a night suit for winter, then a fussy night suit is all you need. Get one in a colour like baby pink, light grey or white with a cute animal on the top and this will an adorable night suit for your sleepover. It not only looks good but is very soft and keeps you warm at all times.

To add to the fussy look, you can always wear a cute headband with a bow and slippers are always a good addition.


kaftan nightsuit sleepover

If you want to go the Indian way, then get a kaftan night suit. Kaftans are quite trending right now and you must have spotted a lot of celebrities in it including Kareena Kapoor Khan and Malaika Arora. So, you should also try one and trust me, it will be a style statement.

Kaftans are really comfortable and stylish. You can add to the look by choosing a cool print for your kaftan. You can either get a pyjama set with a kaftan kurta/top or a kaftan gown or a kaftan dress. No matter what variation you choose, it will look amazing.  

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onesie nightsuit sleepover

Cute animal onesies are trending right now. Unicorn onesies, rabbit onesies and many more look extremely cute and are very comfortable. These onesies have a hood attached to them with a horn or ears of the animal and this surely adds to the look. Wear this onesie with fussy slippers and your look will surely be a hit.

If you don’t want to go all out, then you can go for a subtle option. A cotton or satin romper would be great. Get one in funky prints and you are good to go.

Plaid Pyjamas

plaid nightsuit sleepover

Who can resist the charm of plaids? Plaid has been in trend from ancient times and it is an evergreen trend. People love to wear plaid shirts, plaid dresses and more. So, it is a great idea to get a plaid pyjama set. You either get a whole pyjama set or just a plaid pyjama and pair it up with a t-shirt. This will give you a cool look and you will totally love it.

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Satin Night Suit

satin nightsuit sleepover

You all must have heard that you should get a satin scrunchie or a satin pillowcase for sleeping as it is good for your hair. Not only this but you should also get a satin night suit as it is lightweight and feels great on your skin. Apart from this, it gives you a luxurious look.


shorts nightsuit sleepover

You can always swap your pyjamas for a pair of shorts and it will be the most lovely night suit. It is quite comfortable and looks adorable at the same time. You can get a pair of shorts for any type of night suit and it will look great. 

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