Getting ready for a wedding function is truly a task and believe us when we say, ‘we know’! 

Selecting an outfit is a task and so is the accessory to accessorize your look! Here is a list of maang tikkas that you could look into if you aren't convinced about your ‘one’ yet!

Borla Maang Tikka

A statement style of the states of Haryana and Rajasthan in India has something that is used even by the queens and princes. It has a very peculiar shape studded with beads and precious stones. 

For a wedding, it’s an amazing choice to go for if you wish to go for all traditional attire

One Tier Maang Tikka

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A very elegant design, which also holds the central tikka in place. The tier can be a simple chain or have elegant designs along with it.

The design makes it glorious and stable enough to last at the same position throughout the entire wedding function. 

They come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Most importantly, you can now get sustainable maang tikkas like those made out of flowers! 

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Paasa Maang Tikka

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This is a style that is used exclusively by Muslim brides. A unique design that falls on the left side of the head. Kundan work and ghunghroo attachments enhance its beauty to a new level.

In today’s time, even the Hindu brides are seen and loved wearing a Paasa Maang Tikka across their heads. 

The tikka gives an immense level of royalty to the bride and is truly beautiful to look at!

Chaand Bali Maang Tikka

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An old design, there is something inherently beautiful about it. The chain connecting it can be simple or something more elaborate, both kinds look lovely.

Customizing jewelry has made our lives easier and more dreamy, to be honest. 

The moon and the stars are so beautiful to look at in the night sky, and so does it on your face! Let the moon shine across your face and brighten up your special day!

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Oversized Maang Tikkas

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Go big or go home darling!

If you want an impressive look, have an oversized maang tikka in a round or oval-shaped, decorated in stones, crystals, and pearls.

Oversized Maang Tikkas make the best kind of tikkas to help you stand out from the crowd, not that you already aren’t. But the entire emphasis of the function is practically on you and the maang tikka. Think about it, try it, and see! 

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