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    How To Use A Bathroom In Wearing A Heavy Bridal Lehenga

    Here are some easy-peasy bridal tips to help you relieve yourself without ruining your wedding lehenga!
    Published -17 Feb 2021, 13:46 ISTUpdated -09 Nov 2021, 14:40 IST
    Bathroom In Your Heavy Bridal Lehenga

    A wedding is all about positive and happy vibes. The day is especially quite significant for the bride and groom. They need not only be physically present there but also mentally. You must be thinking, it is their wedding, of course, they will be present both physically and mentally. But recall the moment, when you have to go to the loo really bad, but you can’t for some reason. 

    At that moment, all you can think about is that time when you will be able to relive yourself. Well, for brides it is not that easy for obvious reasons. Their struggles are far more complicated than just finding a clean washroom. With such a heavy bridal lehenga, makeup, hairstyle, jewellery, etc, one needs to be careful to not ruin anything. 

    If you are a bride-to-be, here are a few tips that will make your life easier on your wedding day. 

    Test Sitting Down

    Test Sitting Down

    By now, you must have received pieces of advice from many about going for trials and re-trials. Here’s another reason to do that. By trying on your bridal lehenga a couple of times, you will have an idea of how you will be carrying it comfortably on your big day.  Besides just looking yourself in the mirror, sit and check if your lehenga will fold properly to be able to settle on the toilet seat. Nowadays, lehengas come with a can-can. While it gives a gorgeous ballgown shape to your skirt, it also makes sitting really difficult. So go for a piece that does not have a very stiff can-can, otherwise, sitting on the toilet, or even mandap will become an issue. 

    Different Style Lehengas, Different Problems

    Fluffy, Ballgown Bridal Lehenga

    Fluffy, Ballgown Bridal Lehenga

    Bridal lehengas come in various sizes, styles, and shapes. If you are going for the princess look, and have invested in a fluffy lehenga, you would struggle to carry all the fabric up to sit on the toilet seat. Try the Ikea bag hack. All you need is a big Ikea bag. Cut it from the bottom, so that you can wear it like a pant. It will collect all your lehenga fabric, and you will be able to relieve yourself without hassle. 

    A-Line Bridal Lehenga

    A Line Bridal Lehenga

    When it’s your wedding, you want to flaunt the figure which you have worked on for months if not years. The A-line bridal lehenga is perfect for such girls. However, the mermaid-fit skirt can hardly be picked up to be seated on a toilet seat. To handle this situation, you will have to be proactive. While getting your lehenga stitched, ask your tailor to attach a long zipper on the side. This will make your life so much easier.

    Keep Urinal Tools Handy

    Keeps Urinal Tools Handy

    Besides taking the help of hacks, it is always best to keep some tools handy. They make your life so much more relaxed and hassle-free. For your D-day, don’t forget to invest in reusable urinal funnels or stand and pee sticks (how to improve toilet hygiene). These will assist in peeing while standing, and will not ruin your wedding outfit. 

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    Body Suits With Clips & Hooks

    Body Suits With Clips Or Hooks

    Wearing bodysuits can help you achieve that hourglass figure. If it is a winter wedding, the bodysuits (ways to wear bodysuit with denim) can also keep you protected from the cold breeze. But, taking them off is a struggle, especially when you have to pee. That’s why for your wedding day invest in a piece that comes with hooks and clips. 

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