8 Essential Lingerie Items That A Woman Must Have In Her Closet

Lingerie pieces are essential to accentuate the appearance of your favourite outfit. Take a look!

Krati Purwar
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Lingerie is a crucial part of styling. Without the right size, fabric and style, you cannot elevate the appearance of your outfit. When talking about fashion, one cannot take undergarments for granted. They can transform the look and help you build confidence.

What Is The Importance Of Lingerie?

Lingerie accentuates your curves and elevates the overall appearance of the dress. It empowers you to feel confident in what you wear. It also keeps you comfortable and supports your body.

Essential Lingerie Items You Must Have In Your Closet

Cotton Panty

cotton panty

Ladies! If you want the intimate area to stay dry, there is no better option than cotton underwear. You can wear them every day of the week and get a cute matching pair of a bra.

Cotton panties keep you dry and prevent rashes. It feels soft on the skin and prevents redness. It also prevents itching and helps you avoid the heat from tapping inside the intimate area.


Shapewear is another important piece of lingerie that you need to accentuate the appearance of a body-hugging dress. It tucks the cellulite give an even-toned shape to your body.

It makes your waist and thighs look small in measurement. The shapewear that extends to the under-bust area also uplifts your breasts. It improves your posture and makes you feel confident.

Shapewear also helps alleviate the pain in the lower back and lumbar area. Thus, it improves your walk and elevates the sitting posture. For women who are conscious about the shape of their bodies, shapewear is a perfect solution to that issue.



Bralettes are a part of the latest trend. Their lightweight structure and awesome support keep you comfortable and cosy throughout the day. The design helps to retain the natural shape of your chest without the added trouble of the wires.

They come without moulded cups, and you can wear them on regular basis. It is safe to call it a designer version of a sports bra. Many even pair a sizzling bralette with a denim short and a sheer top or a short shrug. The entire look offers beach vibes and keeps you stylish.

Convertible Bra

A convertible bra goes a long way with almost every kind of outfit. Whether you are wearing a halter neck or backless top, such a brassiere will be your go-to choice. You can buy one in nude, white and black shades.

It also offers an impeccable fit and supports your breasts. You can wear them with ethnic apparel, a casual T-shirt or tank tops. A convertible bra facilitates you to travel light as it minimises your need to stuff the bag with lingerie for every outfit.

Seamless Panty

seamless panties

Are you tired of showing panty lines? Do you feel embarrassed when a random stranger can figure out the line of your undergarment? You must invest in seamless panties.

The thin fabric of such undergarments goes unnoticed under any trouser, leggings or bottom wear. It is a perfect choice to wear under formal trousers. It also keeps your skin breathing, feels soft on the skin, prevents rashes and keeps the intimate area dry.

Nude Bra

When you wear a light-coloured top with the wrong bra, you make the biggest ligerie mistake. Anyone from miles can tell the hue of the brassiere you are wearing. Unless you are styling to show the bra, our primary style rule is to avoid the bra from reflecting on the surface of your top.

Therefore, a nude-coloured bra should be on your shopping list. It goes almost with all types of t-shirts and kurti. You must take care of the fact that the colour of the bra should lie as close as it can to your skin tone. This way, you can stay on the safe side of the fashion police.

Matching Pair

matching pair

Owning a glamorous matching pair of bra and panty is another essential lingerie piece that you must have in your wardrobe. It does not matter what the occasion is, one can never go wrong with choosing a striking matching pair of bra and panty.

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Made with light material, a thong is a comfortable piece of undergarment for some women. It is durable and offers the benefit of keeping the area down below dry. It takes away the irritation of your panty lines showing.

Many women find it impeccable to wear it with a pair of jeans. It allows unrestricted movements of the legs and prevents any health ailments from arising. A thong also prevents the development of odour and helps avoid rashes and redness.

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Lingerie items are not just about showing off, but they do more than that. For some women, it is a fun investment, while for others, it makes them feel confident about their bodies. Therefore, you must never shy away from trying on something new and attractive.

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