Koreans have a unique fashion sense that looks cool and chic at the same time. They can turn any outfit into a stylish piece of clothing and carry them like a fashionista. If you are someone who has followed their fashion style then you sure would want to try some of their trendy looks. We have handpicked some of the Korean ensembles that they mostly use to style their looks so that you can also get inspired, and add them to your wardrobe.

Ripped Jeans

ripped jeans style

Koreans love wearing their ripped jeans on almost all occasions. It is a perfect piece of outfit to wear on casual outings. If you are also wondering to style your ripped jeans like Koreans then the key is to keep your look simple and let the jeans do all the talking. The only highlighting part of your looks needs to be your ripped jeans. There is no particular way to style your ripped pieces of denim but they look cool with half-tucked-in T-shirts or shits.

Over The Blouse Trend

dress over tshirt

Koreans love wearing their dresses over the blouse which looks adorable and is very easy to follow. All you need to do is choose a contrasting T-shirt in comparison to your dress and then wear your dress over it. This particular style looks stunning in the summer and spring seasons and is perfect for the ones who are not comfortable with showing too much skin.

Adorable Hats and Caps

korean fashion

Korean beauties love wearing cute hats and caps irrespective of the season. Hats or caps look stunning with any of your casual outfits, and they can instantly elevate your looks in minutes. Caps especially with your denim and T-shirt look very sporty and give out a very cool and chic vibe.

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Oversized Pullover

pullover korean fashion

One of the best parts about Korean fashion is that it is very comfortable and stylish at the same time. Most of their outfits are easy to wear and breathable, you don’t need to constantly make yourself go through the pain of being in the tight-fitting clothes for hours. Oversized pullovers are perfect for casual looks which you can style effortlessly. All you need to do is pick up your favorite jeans, pair them up with an oversized t-shirt, and finish the look with a cool pair of sneakers.

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 Casual Blazer

blazer korean fashion

Blazers are a woman’s favourite piece of outfit they are perfect to make to look chic and sophisticated in minutes. The best part about blazers is that you can wear them with almost every outfit be it frill skirts or skinny denim they look cool on everything. You can even roll up the sleeves of your blazer if you’re heading for a casual date night or party. Don’t forget to wear those bright pumps to complete your look, and get ready to dazzle like a diva.

We hope you found these tips to get Korean fashion looks right, useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.