Talk of 2019's biggest fashion trends and we can't miss talking about the high slit. One of the most talked-about trends, this one created a lot of buzz this year, thanks to our Bollywood divas. A lot of the tinsel town divas picked high slit outfits for red carpets, shows and more. 

We saw a lot of them wearing thigh-high slit dresses. Now that's a little difficult because it exposes off your upper thigh. A lot of you may not be comfortable to carry it off or confident enough to carry it off without a malfunction. 

Bollywood divas definitely have the body to carry off the thigh-high slits and they are prepped enough to carry it off. Well, these ladies can actually make the thigh slit work with less effort but when it comes to us then we should find other ways to flaunt this big trend. 

Pick The Slit As Per Your Comfort

malaika slit

It is all about the high slit so you can expose according to your comfort. You don't actually have to go with a thigh-high slit. You can take a mid-calf or just a small slit. Just the idea of having a front or side slit will add to your look and you can decide the length as per your choice and comfort. 

Get The Right Footwear

ananya slit dress

You need to pick the right footwear with your slit dresses. High heels would work the best. Pick from pointed heels or wedges as per your comfort but make sure you go for heels. The heels work well with the slit and will make your legs look longer. Also, if you want to show off a little but not too much then you can pair your high slit dress or skirt with boots. You can get knee-length boots. 

Wear It To The Right Place

Are you confident enough to carry the high slit dress anywhere? Even if it is the smallest slit, make sure you wear it to places after you are comfortable in it. If you think the looks will work at your workplace or at a party or anywhere else, wear it accordingly. If you wish to carry your slit skirt to the office then you can team it up with a formal shirt or basic top to create a balance between your look. 

Team With Tights 

kareena slit

If you are not really getting comfortable with the idea of this slit then you can pair it with lacy or plain tights. This will add to your look and you will feel comfortable too.

Spanx To The Rescue

You don't want your trouble areas to show off when you wear your slit dress. It is best to wear a spanx shaper. It works well for you with dresses like these. It makes you appear slimmer. It also solves the purpose of wearing cycling shorts underneath your dress. 

Pick Long Dresses & Skirts

sara slit dress

If you are not comfortable going with that long slit then you can go for long dresses and skirts. All that extra fabric will help you boost your confidence if you are not okay with going bare.

Learn To Balance

kriti slit

If you think you going too overboard with the look then try to balance your look. Curate a look that has different elements. If you have a shimmery skirt then team it with a basic hued tee, if you have a flashy slit dress then keep your makeup and accessories minimal. If you are going with a really small slit then you can go a little overboard with an off-shoulder or an embellished top.

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High slit dresses are a trend this season and you should definitely add it to your closet.