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Here Are 5 Ways To Pair Your Crop Top!

Here are easy and chic styles to take your fashion quotient to another level with crop tops! 
ways to style crop top

We often are put in a dilemma when we have a wardrobe full of clothes. Stepping outside may not be a task but picking out the right outfit is! 

With clothing ranging from a sweater, a puffer jacket to a palazzo or a skinny fit high-waisted jeans, we all have multiple choices to select from. What’s your go-to pick for a summery day out with your girlfriends for a lunch date? 

Styling a crop top may look like a tough decision when you have multiple choices on board. Looking at your closet, you definitely have a lot of choices to think about. To pull off a crop top look, here are 5 inspirations you definitely would love! 

A Crop Top With Sweater Sleeves 


With many trends taking over our general curiosities, sweater sleeves have also had our hearts like many others.

Many people have had the same question: how do you put it on? The answer is pretty simple, you put it on just like any other sweater or top. The garment doesn’t have the lower portion, that’s all that’s missing. 

Start with your head and your arms and go as naturally as you can! Styling a sweater sleeve is as natural as it can get!

Go for a shaded sweater sleeve, that is a much similar shade to what crop top you’re already planning to wear. It’s an ideal choice to go for multi-layered jewelry pieces like a necklace or a charm bracelet. 

You can pick on colours like gold or silver for your jewelry preferences. Throw in a colour of rings on your fingers to add a dramatic effect. 

Adding a sling bag will never go to waste. You can pair this outfit with a matching co-ord set pajamas or a high waisted jeans with a crop top underneath the sweater sleeves. 

Don’t forget to carry your sunglasses! 

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A Crop Top With High Waisted Bell Bottoms 


Bell bottoms have been a trend for the longest time that we can recall. You can pair your bell bottoms with absolutely anything and everything, you just gotta do it right! 

Pairing a bell bottom is surely a tricky task but we can help you out here! Find your favourite pair of bell bottoms. 

Picking the type of crop top is the tricky part. You should ideally go for a high neck crop top. A high neck crop top will bring a lift to your height and length!

You can add a clutch to your outfit while going in with a classic bun to the hair! Keeping jewelry to the minimum, throw in some earrings, could be studs or danglers but not super flashy! 

A Crop Top With Pantsuit 


A pantsuit is a classic choice for many women out there. A pantsuit can be worn according to any occasion. You can edit your fashion quotient for a night out while the same pantsuit can be a good-to-go attire for your office meeting. 

To pair a crop top with your pantsuit, you’ll ideally want to go for a skinny fit crop top instead of the other types. 

For a night out, you can add jewelry articles like multi-layered necklaces and a bracelet. You should ideally go for a pair of danglers to let it light the mood for the night! You can pick on a small baguette too! 

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A Crop Top Over A White Shirt 


Like many B-Town divas, you can also pair your crop top with a white shirt, rather over a white shirt! With this trend taking over a million hearts, it’s an easier trend to help you look chic and fashionable at the same time. 

To go on with the same trend, you would want to go with a corset type crop top and a classic white formal shirt. Be sure that your formal white shirt isn’t too large for you! 

After adding a layer of the white shirt, throw on your crop top and tie your hair in a messy bun, leaving some strangs on the loose! 

A small baguette looks super chic with this outfit and so does a minimal necklace. 

A Crop Top As A Co-Ord Set


Co-ords have definitely taken over the world, haven’t they? You can see co-ords in almost every type of clothing. There’s ethnic,and athleisure to name a few. 

You can pair your crop top as a co-ord set as you pair your chosen crop top with a similar shaded pajama set or a contrasting coloured set. 

You can definitely go for a black&white look or an all blue look, depending on the occasion and also the time of the day! 

A tote bag is always a plus with this look and some studs to complete the look. You can keep your makeup minimal or glam depending on the event of the day, both suit equally! 

There are many offices that have adapted the athleisure environment as it ensures comfort and fashion, all in one, to let the employees to their free will! 

Did you find your pick? Connect with us over our official Instagram and let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks!


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