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5 Unique Ways To Style Your Classic White Shirt!

Here are 5 creative ways to style your classic white shirt in unique ways! 
Published -13 Feb 2022, 13:57 ISTUpdated -13 Feb 2022, 14:12 IST
  • Mahima Girotra
  • Editorial
  • Published -13 Feb 2022, 13:57 ISTUpdated -13 Feb 2022, 14:12 IST
white shirt bollywood style

Getting ready is a daily task for all of us as we all get us, knowing a set time to step out of the house to go to our workplaces. With getting ready, many of us face many challenges like not having enough clothes, not being able to make the right combinations, etc. 

A white shirt is a classic choice to have in everybody's closet. It is a clothing garment that allows you to wear it to any sort of event, be it a formal or informal gathering with colleagues or friends. 

With a white shirt being super versatile in nature, you can style yours in multiple ways than you can imagine. We have 5 unique ways you can style your classic white shirt, making 5 different attires for every other occasion! 

Wearing White Shirt With A Corset 

A corset has been an understated clothing attire for generations. For being used by the elite societies in the ancient era, it is now worn by just about anybody as a day or a night outfit with jeans or skirts. 

For a winter day or night, you can style your corset top just like Deepika Padukone! Wear your white classic shirt underneath the corset and let the wrist buttons lose. You can also pull up the sleeves and accessorize your outfit with gold-shaded jewelry. 

This attire looks best with ripped jeans or high-waisted jeans with a pair of pumps! 

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Wearing White Shirt With A Saree 

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Saree has been an evergreen choice for Indian women for centuries! A saree has been a symbolized attire for Indian women. You can bring a modern twist to your saree with a classic white shirt! 

Just like the fashion queen of Bollywood, you can also switch up to a white shirt instead of a saree blouse like Sonam K Ahuja. It is best to keep your hair tied in a bun as you choose to wear a saree to any occasion. 

While saree is a versatile choice, you can opt to wear a saree for any occasion, be it a wedding or a formal work meeting! 

Wearing White Shirt With A Skirt 

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Skirts are something women of all age brackets love. Be it a young girl or a lady over 40, skirts give you an edge for being playful and joyous in nature. Skirts come in all shapes and sizes! 

You can pair a mini skirt or a long-legged skirt with a classic white shirt, and add a pair of pumps like the B-Town diva, Rakulpreet. 

It is ideal to go with contrasting jewelry like adding danglers of silver or bold colours with a mid-rise heel size. 

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Wearing White Shirt With Jeans 

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Jeans have been the most common choice for everybody, starting from a young age. You can pair your white shirt with a pair of jeans or even go for a ripped pair of jeans for any occasion or event of the day. 

Like the B-Town diva Priyanka Chopra, you can add a bold lip shade and a pair of pumps to amp up your look! It is ideal to go for contrasting colour combinations for this attire depending on the time of the events. 

Wearing A White Shirt With Cycling Shorts 

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Bollywood celebrity, Vanee Kapoor was spotted pairing up her cycling shorts with a classic white shirt and we couldn't get enough! 

This is an ideal outfit for a day out with your girlfriends or even for a night out with the girls. Pulling off your cycling shorts with a classic white shirt seems like a versatile outfit to us and we're ready to wear it anywhere. 

You can pair this outfit with a cute baguette and a pair of heels for the night or you can go for a sporty look and pick on some running shoes! 

Are you going to try any of these looks? Connect with us over our official Instagram page and comment to let us know. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks!


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