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How to Style A Sheer Saree

 Tips for styling the sheer style saree beautifully and elegantly.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -21 Jun 2022, 19:04 ISTUpdated -21 Jun 2022, 19:02 IST
how to style a sheer saree

Sarees are a reflection of India's timeless traditions, legacy, culture, and craftsmanship. Each fabric, however, has its personality and qualities. It's fashionable to experiment with different methods to wear sarees. Every woman wants to be the centre of attention whenever she wears a saree.

Sheer sarees are semi-transparent and require special care when draped. When worn correctly, these ultra fine sarees create an atmosphere of grace and elegance. It's that trend you love to recreate regularly. Fashionistas love sheer sarees because they give off an airy, feminine vibe. Here are some of the essential styling ideas for sheer saree:- 

1. Blouse


Image Courtesy: Myntra

These sarees are transparent, a well-fitted blouse is essential for giving the pattern a pleasing finish. Wearing a sheer saree with printed or decorated tops is the finest way to express gratitude. Choose blouses with handworks in the back, such as sequins, embroidery, net, or lace, to highlight the sheen of your organza drapes. Because it is artistically pleasing, you can also pair it with a sleeveless blouse. Choose an elbow-length blouse with no lining material and a transparent sleeve length if you're uncomfortable wearing it.

2. Petticoat


Image Courtesy: Amazon

The basic garment, the petticoat, is often neglected when styling. Make sure it's the right length, not too short or too long. Wide cotton petticoats should be avoided because they are not suitable for delicate and transparent sarees. Replace your cotton petticoat with a matching coloured satin petticoat. Petticoats (Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Wearing Cancan Petticoat) should not be mixed and matched. Because your petticoat will be visible over the saree, it will assist you to offer a wonderfully sleek appearance.

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3. Pallu Pleating

Pallu Pleating

Image Courtesy: Amazon

Avoid pleating a fragile saree since it will look to increase with each pleat. Instead, pin the pallu over your shoulder to lessen the number of pleats or leave it free-flowing. This may give the overall look a new depth, allowing you to show off your features. When the pallu is exposed, the drape of a transparent saree is enhanced even further.

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4. Makeup And Accessories 

Makeup And Accessories

Image Courtesy: Myntra

Make your saree the centre of attention by pairing it with simple, edgy accessories. Mesh, organza, and net sarees look elegant with diamonds. You're ready to go with a dainty pearl necklace, studded earrings, block heels, stilettos, open hair, and dewy makeup! 

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