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6 Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Wearing Cancan Petticoat Under Lehenga Or Gown

Are you about to invest in a cancan petticoat? Do mind these six tips before you buy or wear a cancan under your lehenga or gown in a function. 
Published -11 Jul 2020, 13:45 ISTUpdated -06 Nov 2020, 17:50 IST
Tips For Wearing Cancan Petticoat Under Lehenga

Be it your beautiful evening gown or a stunning lehenga, girls love to add that extra volume to their skirts. While a gorgeous 24 kali lehenga will always remain a classic ensemble, not everyone can afford such elaborated garments for every occasion.

But, making things look regal shouldn’t be costing the earth, if you use the right supporting accessories. We are talking about a cancan petticoat, that can make your lehenga go from flat to flared in no time.

Unlike the older times, cancans are now easily available at retail stores and even online. However, do mind these 7 factors while buying and wearing your cancan petticoat. 

Brace Yourself For Bathrooms 

If you think sarees and other traditional attires can make using bathrooms difficult, wait until you sport a cancan petticoat under your dress. The layers will make it almost impossible to find your own legs.

While some brands are now offering special bags that you can wear to use bathrooms, you can also work with a big polybag to collect all the frills and flares in order to rest in the restroom.

Mind The Weight Of Cancan 

Mind The Weight Of Cancan

Yes, we girls love flares, but don’t go overboard with the cancan. There are a variety of cancan petticoats available in the market, including hoop cancan, layered cancan, slim-fit cancan, and tiered cancan. Every piece has distinct purposes.

You need to choose according to the usage and, especially according to its weight. If you buy something that you can't handle, what’s the point of sporting such as a garment?

An extra heavy cancan petticoat can make you fall, may make your lehenga’s fabric look cheap, and if you are donning it for an overnight or long event, you might end up with back pain as well. 

Coutemise Your Cancan 

Most of the lehengas or gowns come with an attached cancan petticoat. Some are simply layered at the bottom of the skirt, others are a full-fledged net petticoat stitched along with your waistline.

However, if you feel, this isn’t enough glam for your special day, don’t mind getting an extra, detachable cancan petticoat. Also, if you have a piece that has way too many layers, you can always get rid of some of them, with the help of your tailor.

This mostly happens with wedding outfits. In order to wear your wedding lehenga to your cousin or best friend's nuptials, turn your lehenga from a bridal wear dress to a party costume by customising it. 

Don’t Fold Your Cancan 

Don’t Fold Your Cancan

The key to the long life and quality of our cancan is in its maintenance. Be it an attached or detachable cancan petticoat, don’t fold it. The best way to store it is by hanging the cancan in your closet. Also, to protect its fabric, keep it inside a full-sized plastic cover. Put a naphthalene ball in the bag to keep insects at bay.  

Check For TheRight Fabric 

Check The Fabric

Stiff fabrics are used to make cancan that gives an apparel puffy and voluminous look. In case, the fabrics are soft, then there are multiple layers that have been added to make gowns or lehenga look dreamy from the outside. Depending on your usage, you can choose from different types of fabrics.

Some of the clothes that are used are crinoline, net fabrics, horse canvas, organdy and organza, marquisette, buckram, primed gauze fabric, interfacing or interlining fabric, taffeta and lastly, your regular heavyweight fabrics.  

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Colour Of Your Cancan Is Important

The most common cancan colours are white and cream. Be it multi-colour, black, red, or any other lighter hues, it goes with most of the skirts. But, in case you want to stick to the classier look, you can always get your cancan dyed.

Brides don’t generally like their cancan white or of any other off colours. Get in dyed in the same colour as your border or the lehenga to better bridal or party look. 

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