The saree is a versatile dress that can be worn in many ways. Different draping styles can enhance your curves in a saree and make you look even more wonderful than you already are, giving your same saree a unique look. You can wear your saree in many ways by combining different materials, designs, and colours. From traditional designs for a formal event to various indo-western fashions for a glossy look, there is something for everyone. The appearance or style of a saree is entirely determined by the cloth used and the occasion. To enhance the aesthetic of your saree, the right accessories to the blouse you go for, here are some tips that will help you out. 

Here are some tips by Aditya Shah, Director Planning at Zari Banaras, who has shared some tips on how you can look super elegant in a saree.

Appropriate Fabric 


Sarees are made of a variety of fabrics, including satin, cotton, silk, and others. The fabric you choose determines how easily you can pull off a look for a specific occasion. The fabric-like cotton appears tidy and crisp, but it creases quickly and requires smooth ironing after each wash. Chiffon, rayon, georgette, and other materials are ideal for everyday wear since they are easy to keep up and carry throughout the day. Choosing the proper fabric for your saree can help you carry it with elegance and splendour.

Choosing A Specific Hue Or Shade

Sarees are available in many colours and tones, ranging from black to grey golden to pink, maroon, ombre, and many others. You can choose from a variety of colours and borders, including blue and brown, black grey, grey gold, etc. Bright colours lend volume to a person's appearance, which is why they are great for weddings or social gatherings.

The Right Blouse

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Opting for a blouse that complements your saree is the key to enhancing your appearance. You can make your own distinctive style for the event by going for the same hue as a saree and mixing and matching it with different colours or patterns. Beautiful blouses with sequined sleeves, short sleeve blouses, will make you look attractive in a saree.

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Draping Style

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Draping a saree is an important aspect of the overall look. It is entirely up to you how you drape it, but it is critical that you do so properly and tightly, or else you will regret wearing it. You can wear it in a variety of styles, such as butterfly, front pallu, lehenga style, and others, to complement your overall look. To arrange your saree according to your preferences, focus on pleating it properly and pinning it appropriately.

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Accessories To Match Your Saree

Adding different types of accessories to your saree can totally transform your appearance. Accessorising is determined by the look you want to achieve or the way you want to present yourself. If you are wearing a heavy saree for weddings or social gatherings, then you can easily go for a simple or statement neckpiece or just earrings. If you are wearing a saree for everyday use, light accessories or a light slim gold chain will help to balance your outfit.

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Keep these tips in mind and rock that nine-yard wonder with elegance!

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