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Hide The Peeking Tom With These Tips And Tricks This Diwali Season

Wondering how to hide your tummy while wearing a saree? These saree draping ideas, blouse styles, and pleating tricks can help you cover up!
Published -02 Feb 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -25 Oct 2021, 18:40 IST
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A saree is one drape that fits all body types and looks graceful on us all! But we ladies on the heavier side of the scale do have an issue as we want to hide our protruding tummy to look slimmer. Even though it is not really a rule or a necessity but just to look more graceful and get that curvy look we see on the lighter women. So here are a few tips using saree drapes, pleating styles, and blouse cuts which can help us out. 

Hide your belly with these tips which just require being a little more creative. 

Jackets Over Sarees

jackets sarees

You can cover your love handles, heavy arms, and tummy by wearing jackets over your saree which looks really cool as well. Besides a blouse, get a jacket stitched or buy them online and drape your saree well, covering your belly. The jacket is a layer if teamed well, will take away the attention from your tummy and also look nice and dressy. If you want them with a pocket, they serve an additional purpose as well. You can keep the jacket open, or button it up and you can also try a bomber jacket or short jacket with work on the sleeves if you are wearing a plain saree. This will make you look stylish and you will make heads turn in an awesome way at the wedding functions or anywhere. 

The Blouse Game

Lengthy Blouses

lengthy blouse

Wearing a lengthy blouse as that works like a charm! The traditional Haryanvi women have those shirt-long hemline blouses which look amazing and have been adapted by Indian fashion designers as well. Not just those, some Gujarati and Rajasthani traditional women as well hide their stomachs with lengthy blouses so why can't you? Even Aishwarya Rai flaunted it post-pregnancy and it made headlines! Now they come in so many styles be it with embroidery, long sleeves, sleeveless and low backs, or ones with dori backs, your creativity can get wings here! Wear a contrast or make it part lacey.

Corset Blouses

corset blouses

If you have a heavier tummy according to you, then try a corset blouse. That looks amazing on most of us. You don't have to go strapless, you can add lace sleeves and neck to it and keep it long. The crape will hide the bulge anyway so what are you fearing? The right curves get accentuated and make you look glamorous. If you are not so sure then get one and wear it at home and see it in the mirror. Go for it!

Cape Blouses

cape blouses

This is another way of camouflaging. It covers it well and you look elegant as well. Go for a full cape or half, whatever suits your taste.  

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Draping Tips

Saree drapes play a major role in making or breaking your look. Small and thin pleats, regular drapes, they all make a difference. 



Many women like freestyle drapes like actress Vidya Balan wears it freestyle and she looks attractive hands down. However, heavier women can easily avoid sheer saree fabrics as they just bring more attention to everything you are trying to hide.

Pinning Style


To hide belly fat, pins are a must in your wardrobe. Pin the pleats to your saree pallu at the side and the front side of the blouse which keeps the pleats secure, in place. But pleat them from underneath as this is a secret only we must know. One more style is that you pin the bigger pleats on your shoulder. This hides your tummy to a good extent.

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Gujarati Draping

Thanks to TV Czarina, Ekta Kapoor, we have a lot of exposure to Indian fashion and especially Gujarati saree fashion. Notice how their pallu is? That drape is excellent for us chubby girls. Take the pallu pleats around and bring them on the right shoulder. Pin them in front on the lower side of the top and let them hang. If you have sarees with beautiful pallus then make the most of those sarees and show off the great work. If your saree is plain then wear a contrast blouse and team it with long necklaces which can make a statement as well. 

Double Draping

double draping

This style was made popular by Sonam Kapoor at fashion galas. Just drape the saree in freestyle and taking a matching or contrast dupatta, attach it on the front pleats. Bring them to the front from the back. Here a lot matters over the colour combination and the fabric. Florals, plains, colour blocking, Kanjeevarms, and Banarasis, all Indian saree weaves are there to experiment with. Plus you make a statement at the function you are attending.  

Belting It

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This is a new one and looks amazing! This fusion accessory looks great with a saree but a lot matters over your personal attitude. You have to be very confident as to how you flaunt it. Fabric belts, leather belts, and even cinchers can look great with this. 

There are many ways in which you can hide your tummy or simply look different and shed the typical everyday look image. Just stay tuned to HerZindagi and we will keep filling you in with what's new in the fashion world and with tips for all issues. 

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