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How To Choose The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape

Wondering what earrings will suit your face? Read on to know.
earrings according to face shape main

Just like you choose your clothes according to your body type, similarly you should also choose earrings according to your face shape. Instead of picking any earrings that look beautiful, opt for earrings according to your face shape as this will add to your personality. 

In order to choose the right kind of earrings, you need to analyse the shape of your face. Once you have analysed the shape of your face, choose the right kind of earrings for you. Here’s a guide to know the right kind of earrings.

Oval Shape

If your forehead is not too wide and it blends with your high cheekbnes, then you have an oval face shape. Further, your face may narrow to a slightly rounded chin. If you have an oval face shape, then you are the luckiest as they can experiment with anything. This is because all types of earrings are suitable for this type of face shape. 

This makes it easier for people with oval shape to experiment. Be it hoops or studs or triangle shaped earrings, all types of earrings are perfect for face shape.

Round Shape

danglers earrings according to face shape

A round face shape is similar to a circle where you have a few sharp lines or angles on their chin and cheeks. If you have a round face, then you should opt for long earrings as this will give an illusion of length to your face. Go for slender and long earrings such as danglers to elongate your face.

Earrings like large hoops should be avoided as they will add to the circular shape of your already round face. Also, studs should be avoided as they may go unnoticed, which will again make your face appear round.

Heart Shape

If your forehead is wider than the chin, then you have a heart-faced shape. The face gradually narrows as you move down. As there is contrast between a wide forehead and a small chin, therefore your earrings should be more weighted at the bottom. This will give a beautiful balance to your face. Opting for teardrop earrings is a great idea.

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Inverted Triangle

Similar to the heart shape, inverted triangle face shape also has a wider forehead as compared to the chin. However, this one is more angular than heart shaped face which means the face has striking jawline and cheekbones. 

You should choose large earrings that are again weighted at the bottom in order to balance out your small chin. Danglers are also a great option. 

Square Shape

hoops earrings according to face shape

Just like round face shape, square face shape is also symmetrical but it has a shape which is more boxier than the circular shape. Your forehead and jaw has equal widths to create a square shape. 

In order to soften the natural angles of the face, opt for round earrings such as hoops or circular stud earrings. This will create a perfect contrast between your earrings and face shape. 

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Diamond Shape

teardrop earrings according to face shape

If your eyes are wide apart, while the chin and forehead are of the same width, thus creating a longer face with the eyes being the main focus. 

You should avoid earrings that create sharp angles. Opt for earrings that will soften your your face’s natural glass. Go for teardrop earrings or stud earrings. These types of earrings will give the perfect balance to your face.

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