Tips And Tricks To Look Slim When You Dress

Learn how to don jeans, dresses, accessories and tops to look slim. Read the fashion tips for women!

Krati Purwar
how women can look slim

While all types of bodies are gorgeous, we seem to be inclining towards slim silhouettes. The healthiest way to watch your weight and achieve the desired body shape is to exercise every day and eat right. However, our clothes and dressing styles primarily define our appearances.

Did you know that you can look slim without an intense workout session? Whether we have a slim body or not, we can always modify our outlook with the way we dress. A few simple tips for coordinating outfits can help you look slim and stunning.

Tips To Dress And Look Slim

Nothing Tops Black

A black outfit is a must-have for every woman. A perfectly fitting black dress can accentuate all your curves while offering an illusion of a slim look. You can also choose dark colours like royal blue instead of black.

Buy A High-rise Jeans

High-waist jeans allow you to tuck in the tummy and offers a slender fit that amplifies your thighs and curves around the waist. The jeans that extend to your ankles and come with a stretchable fabric must be a part of your go-to outfit. You can get a pair in black or blue for a casual day out or vacation.

jeans for women

Watch For Patterns And Prints

Stylists and designers suggest avoiding horizontal patterns. Whether the print or pattern is small or big, one must avoid it at any cost. Vertical prints, on the other hand, bring the illusion of a taller and slimmer look. You can also choose a pencil skirt or an A-line cut dress or kurta to achieve the desired outlook.

Invest In Quality Lingerie Set

The base of your every outfit is a lingerie set. If you wear an oversize bra or panty, it can drive unwanted attention to your bust or hip area. A bra that offers the full coverage of breasts is the best choice to pair with a casual t-shirt, top, shirts and kurta. The underwear should be high-rise and stretchable for premium fitting and comfort.

lingerie set for women

Watch Out For Proportions

One of the most important styling tips includes watching out for the proportions when pairing a shirt or top with a skirt, trousers or jeans. The best idea is to pair a loose top with fitted jeans or trousers. You can also try fitted tops with baggy jeans; however, one must ensure to avoid body-hugging dresses.

Wear Decent Accessories

Your neckpieces, watch, earrings, scarves and other accessories are an important part of your overall outfit. If you wear anything unflattering or over the top, the focus shifts to the accessory instead of your appearance. For example, contemporary neck pieces go a long way with V-neck tops.

accessories for women

You Can Layer It Up

Adding layers does not mean you wear one top over the other. It will not add any extra weight to your look. When you plan to layer the outfits, the best idea is to approach them in a way that defines your shape. It also prevents a direct look at your body that is nothing but a blessing.

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Shapewear Is Crucial

Shapewear is a knight in neutral armours that tames the fat on your hip, stomach and thighs. Investing in skin colour or black shapewear is always a good choice. You can wear it with a dress, saree, kurta set or skirt-top.

shapewear for women

How To Match Separates

While matching sets are easy to pick, it is always a good idea to wear contrasting clothes. You can always match shades of the same colour or pick contrasting tones to go with dark hues like grey, black and blue.

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Pay Attention To Your Posture

Many people walk or sit with a hunch back or slouch. The posture is not only hazardous for your health, but it also disfigures your silhouette. Therefore, you must walk straight or sit in an upright position. It also helps you look confident.

Follow these tips, and you will never step out questioning your outlook. The desired look also builds your confidence. You will always be picture ready with these tricks.