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    How To Make Quirky Earrings At Home

    Learn to make easy, quirky earrings with everything available at home for this festive season!
    Published -02 Nov 2021, 16:28 ISTUpdated -02 Nov 2021, 16:40 IST
    DIY earrings at home

    Earrings surely make a huge chunk of our accessory box and are super hard to figure out. Making your own jewelry can be a helpful idea if you’re always looking for something fun and different for every occasion on a budget. 

    Making earrings at home can be a fun task for yourself as well as with your loved ones. You can probably host a party to make quirky jewelry sets with friends and family along with drinks and food. Surely, it will be a great idea, do you agree?

    Here are some DIY earring ideas you can use for this festive season (A Guide To Match Your Earrings To The Occasions!)! Go ahead and try some! 

    Glitter Earrings

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    • Pick up some disposed buttons, we’d suggest big ones with 4 holes. 
    • Take the backside of the buttons and layer it with some sticky glue. 
    • After you apply glue, let it dry for 10 seconds and layer it with your favourite coloured glitter. 
    • Let it dry for some time and dust off the excess. 
    • Now stick a finding onto the plain side of the button a little above the middle part of the button and let it dry. Use a glue gun for the same. 

    Your earrings are ready to sparkle the show! 

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    Ear Drop Earrings 

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    • Take 10-15 strands of different coloured strings and cut them into equal lengths, as you would want the length of the earrings, in regards to equal length on both ends. 
    • Place them on the table and tie them together with 1 of the coloured strands while attaching them to earring top heads of different shapes and sizes using pliers. 
    • Add an earring hook to finish your earring.

    Clay Earrings 

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    • Warm-up clay of the desired colours. 
    • Roll out the clay as you like or into molds if you have any lying around the house. 
    • You can also cut using cookie cutters.
    • Make holes in clay for jewelry findings. You can add the holes before and after baking as per your design. 
    • Once the shapes are done, bake the clay on a baking sheet in an oven. 
    • Glue the jewelry findings and earring backs and your earring is ready to serve quirky looks!

    Dream Catcher Earring 

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    • A key chain ring, needle and thread, yarn, scissors, pliers, earring hooks, feathers (optional), super glue, and beads (also optional) are all you need for this earring set. 
    • Wrap your yarn tightly around your ring.
    • Finish it off by using a needle to pull the excess yarn through one of the loops. 
    • Snip off the excess yarn. To start your dream catcher, tie a length of thread to your ring.
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      Tie the thread in a secure double knot in the center, rather than letting it hang down.
    • After tying the knot in the middle, snip off the excess thread.
    • You can add feathers here with the help of super glue to the ends. 
    • In order to attach your feather to the ring, thread your string through a needle.  Then, slide your needle under the yarn on the ring and pull the thread through until the feather dangles at your desired length. Tie a double knot and cut the excess string.
    • Repeat this whole process as many times as you choose.
    • Similar applies to the beads.
    • To add findings, all you have to do is take your needle and about 6 inches of thread and pull them through the yarn on the opposite end of your feathers. Then, slide the earring wire onto the string, and tie a double knot.  Then dab on some super glue just to make sure the knot holds.
    • The last step is basically to glue any knots that you made. This includes the knot in the center of the dream catcher and the knots you made to attach the feathers to the ring.

    What’s your pick for this festive season? Let us know on our Instagram page and stay tuned to HerZinagi for more!

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