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    Styling High Waisted Jeans In 5 Simple Ways

    High waisted jeans have been trending for so long and here are some ways you can possibly style yours!
    Published -15 Oct 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -15 Oct 2021, 11:28 IST
    high waist jeans

    Clothes being an essential addition to your personality, have a lot of variety. They add colour and vibration to you. A wardrobe has many colourful items for you to wear and dress up in. It could be shirts, skirts, tops, pants, coats, belts, sweaters, shrugs and what not. In the present day, we have numerous options to throw on and step outside. In addition to clothes, we also have accessories, bags and shoes to accompany us. The fashion market is so big when you choose to explore. 

    high waist

    Looking at the present day pop culture, jeans have become a daily wear item and everybody has about an average of 2 jeans in the closet. Jeans are in several shapes, sizes and colours. There are low waist, high waist, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, slim fit and many more available in the market. 

    High waist jeans have been a favourite for everybody. They help shape your curves and give a high rise to your waist. (Finding the perfect denim?)


    Sweatshirts + Sneakers

    Sweatshirts are a youth favourite added with sneakers. For a chic and casual outfit, you can always go for this outfit. Adding elegance, throw on some gold accessories like gold chains and earrings to put emphasis, 

    Sweatshirts could be plain or printed, long or cropped, tucked or untucked, however you want them to be. Our suggestion would be, consider colour coordinating your sneakers and your bag with a pop of the same colour in your eyeshadow for the colour to stand out. 


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    Corset Bodysuit

    Bodysuits are great to show off your curves to the world. They are much easier to carry out. They allow you to move freely without the hassle of tucking in all the time. There are buttons on the bottom near your crotch area just like that of a baby jumper. They keep you very comfortable and let you enjoy it to the fullest. 

    The bodysuits can be sheer or totally full coverage, deep neck or boat neck. Lace bodysuits look amazing and are mostly favoured by all. 

    button down

    Button Down Shirt

    A white button down shirt with a high waisted jean is a classic wear. It looks chic and elegant at the same time. Unbutton two or three buttons from  the top, totally according to your preference and you can always fold up the sleeves to three-fourth or half the length. 

    If you think white is not your colour, go for light colours like baby pink, light brown or so. 

    turtle neck

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    Turtle Neck

    Turtle necks are the best choice for winters. Sweaters in turtlenecks are our favourites. When in doubt, you can always go for a neutral toned turtleneck sweater and a matching set of heels with a small bag. We are totally in love with the look, aren’t you?

    tank tops

    Tank Tops 

    Deep neck tank tops are a natural choice for most people wearing high waisted jeans. If you're going for a dark high waisted jean, choose a lighter tone of colour to go with your jean like white, baby blue, pink, lilac or so. They need a place in your summer closet

    No matter what the style, always remember to go contrast or co-ordinate. These two ways will always compliment your look. Contrasting focuses on one light tone and one dark tone facing against each other while coordinates are the same shade or tone on both above and bottom wear.

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