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Here's Why Aarti Baandal Is Hell Bent On Reviving Paithani Sarees!

If you love sarees and know your handloom well, then you might just be knowing about Maharashtrian Paithani Sarees.
Published -18 Sep 2018, 18:58 ISTUpdated -05 Jul 2019, 17:32 IST
baandal aarti

A variety of saree originating from Paithan town in Aurangabad Maharashtra state, these sarees are woven by hand, therefore making them an expensive yet must-own handloom saree. These weaves are made from very fine silk and are considered as one of the richest saris in India. Paithani is characterised by borders of an oblique square design, and a pallu with a Peacock design. 

Arati Baandal, the Founder of OnlyPaithini, is hell-bent on promoting this art and has penned for HerZindagi on how she plans to go about it.

Giving a small introduction to who she is, Arati shared that she is an Electronic engineer from L&T Institute of Technology. For 9 years that is 2001-2008, she was into sales. She later got married into a family who supported her and her decisions and had similar values to her family. 

Paithani saree yellow

The idea for OnlyPaithani, a website dedicated to promoting the art and weave, seeded when she had to do her wedding shopping. During the tour for her saree, she found that there were limited original Paithani sarees and only a few colours & options were available. Coming from an upbringing where she developed her love for saree from her mother who always cared and loved shopping for saree, she planned to change this. During the planning about this company, she noticed how paithani was not very famous outside Maharashtra. That’s how OnlyPaithani was born. She first started as online market

pathani Aarti baandal

OnlyPaithani designs the finest of the authentic Paithani and make’s it accessible to all. There is a Boutique in Mumbai as well as in Bengaluru. They plan to open more stores in different cities in the future so that they could be closer to their customers. Other than that they have their website where one can buy these sarees online.

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working with the weavers paithani

They also are helping women get employed and getting financially liberal by teaching them how to weave. They make the design and saree themselves. They also try to educate people by giving them knowledge about real Paithani so that they cannot be fooled by people who try selling fake Paithani. 

OnlyPaithani has modified the typical Paithani saree. From primary colours that are red, blue, green they have added some bright colours which would make the paithani saree stand out of all. Not only the have they used new colours but they have used new designs as well, along with keeping the traditional design alive. They have introduced new designs like lovely floral art, Warli art which would conspicuous people. Some products here are not only hand woven but also hand dyed that’s what makes OnlyPaithani stand out the most.  

paithani saree work

Handlooms are one of the greatest pride of our culture. Not many appreciate the efforts that go into creating a handloom saree. Hopefully, now people will start acknowledging it. OnlyPaithani not only promotes Paithani they also promote lovely silk, elegant Gadwals, Chanderis and more.

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'Listen to your heart and live your dreams. If you feel you have the right idea, then do your study on it and once you're thorough with all the information needed and well equipped just go for the chase,' Baandal told HerZindagi.

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