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    Hair Highlights That Complement Indian Skin Tones

    To decide the perfect highlights for your hair, read this informative article.
    Updated at - 2021-09-29,14:31 IST

    Highlighting hair is a much loved trend, where small streaks of hair are shaded with preferred colour shade, giving the entire hair a dramatic appearance and making it appear more appealing and attractive. 

    There are many styles of hair highlights, namely, Lowlights, Babylights, Ombre, Balayage, etc.

    It  is a beautiful trend and choosing the right colour can give a gorgeous look. However, not every colour suits everyone and can make one regret the whole decision. To avoid that situation, we have listed some beautiful colour highlight ideas that can help you choose the perfect look for yourself.


    Brown Hair

    Every brown colour complements Indian skin tones and creates a stunning appearance. The colour appears to be subtle, making it one of the most popular hair colour choices among women. There are many different shades of brown to choose from and most of them look great while giving a confident look. 

    If you think this is your style, you can pick any of these brown colours. Some lovely shades of brown are- Cinnamon brown, Light brown, Chestnut brown, Mahogany brown, etc.

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    Burgundy is a deep purplish- red colour shade that is both subtle and elegant in appearance. This trendy shade of hair colour is the perfect choice if you're looking for the perfect mix of strong and soft look. The colour gives a gorgeous look and is attracting many admirers.

    It’s new, it's exciting, and it's absolutely worth a go. Some shades of Burgundy are Bright Burgundy, Mulled Wine, Light Auburn, Magenta, Mulberry, etc.


    Katrina red hair

    The options with red hair highlights are limitless as it's palette is so wide and stretching. Lighter reds or copper reds are best suggested for fairer skin, whereas for olive complexions, blue-based reds which are darker are recommended since they look amazing. This, however, varies from person to person. The overall effect of this shade is usually bold but understated.

    Different shades of this colour are, Merlot Red, Bright Red, Dark Cherry Red, etc.


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    Some shades of golden hair look great on warm skin tones, as the colours usually draw warmth away from the face. It is a very attractive colour that compliments the skin tone while giving a desirable look.

    The golden colour highlights look great while giving a smart appearance to your personality. If you believe you can pull this style off, you must go for it. Some of the shades of this colour are golden blonde, golden brown, butterscotch, caramel, honey etc.

    Unnatural Colours

    tapsee purple hair

    While the colours mentioned above will give you a subtle look, unnatural colours like blue, green and pink are known to give cool style. These colours are not light and do not blend with the natural hair but give a very catchy look. These colours recently became popular in India and have been receiving a lot of love since then, especially among the generation GenZ. Some reasons behind their ever-growing popularity is their unique style, beauty and versatility. If you enjoy attracting attention and want to turn heads around when crossing the street, these colors are meant for you. 

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    We hope that this quick guide has provided you with all of the necessary information to understand the best hair colour for your skin tones and assisted you in making the right hair colour decision that is best suited to you!

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