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    Want To Colour Your Hair? Here's How You Can Do It At Home!

    Hair dying is an easy way to spice up your look. But, sitting in the salon for three hours and spending a load of bucks can be boring and expensive. T...
    Updated at - 2019-05-13,18:44 IST
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    Want to give a new look to your hair? Hair dying is an easy option for you. But, sitting in the salon for three hours and spending a load of bucks can be boring and expensive. To save yourself from the expenses, dying hair at home is the perfect solution. At first, it may seem stressful, but, eventually, you will begin to like it. Here's how you can do it:

    Things To Keep In Mind

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    Do not make drastic changes: Keep your new colour only 2 shades darker or lighter from your actual colour. This will not make a drastic difference and will also be a safe option if you end up messing it!

    Coat your hairline, ears, and neck with Vaseline: This will prevent the hair dye from staining the skin and give you better colour coverage on the scalp.

    Do a strand test: We know you are excited about the change, but you need to do this properly. You need to check that your current hair reacts well with the formula and suits you.

    Brush Your Hair: Make sure your hair in untangles before you begin, even the smallest knot can cause a big problem.

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    Section properly: Separating your hair into sections will help you cover every strand without leaving any patches.

    Use a toothbrush: If you want to add some highlights, use a clean toothbrush or mascara wand and apply where the sun would naturally lighten your hair.

    Rinse properly: Dye colour residue can clog and damage the scalp which in turn, ruins the quality of your hair. So make sure you rinse the dye effectively.

    How To Highlight Your Hair

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    The trick for that naturally sun-kissed look is to choose a colour that’s lighter than your base colour.

    Step 1: Part your hair as you normally would. This will help show off which pieces to highlight.

    Step 2: Instead of pulling out random strands, do this: starting at the front and working back toward your crown, section out 10 quarter-inch-wide pieces a quarter of an inch apart. The most natural-looking highlights are asymmetrical, so don’t space them evenly.

    Step 3: Instead of using brushes, use a toothbrush to paint the solution from roots to end. To prevent colour from spoiling, prop each piece up away from your head with a cotton ball.

    Step 4: Let the dye sit for the amount to time mentioned on the box. Before washing your hair, rinse one piece five minutes early to check the colour.

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    How To Dye Your Hair All Over

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    Step 1: Don’t wash your hair for two days before you dye because scalp natural oil acts as a barrier against irritation. 

    Step 2: Do a strand test first by applying colour on a small section.

    Step 3: Read the instructions carefully. Don’t apply colour from roots to ends in one go.

    Step 4: This tip helps get even colour every time when you are dyeing your whole head. First, apply dye a half-inch away from your scalp and then move toward ends. Then, halfway through the processing time, go back and cover your roots.

    We are definitely going to try these tips before colouring our hair. Do you have any tips? Share with us and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such articles.

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