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    Festive Season 2021: Handbags That You Can Carry

    Festive season is here and an essential part of your look is a handbag.
    Published -22 Oct 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -21 Oct 2021, 12:51 IST
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    Festivities are upon us and to be honest during such times a woman's best friend is none other than a beautiful handbag! One that can compactly carry all your belongings, and also add to your festive ensemble.  The conundrum to match your outfit with the right bag is the real fight. Worry not, we are here to give some useful tips.

    Potli Bags

    potli handbags festival

    Potli bags were not known to many people but have risen to the top only in the past few years. Currently, they are so much in trend that you will see every other person with these little bags. 

    Potli bags come in different shapes and sizes. However, they don't come in much larger sizes. Also, these bags are available in a variety of colours but I would suggest you to get one in a golden or a neutral colour that will compliment all your outfits. 

    Clutch Bags

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    The hottest handbags that are doing the rounds are chic clutch bags. The good old clutch never gets out of style. With the moving time, clutch bags have only gained popularity and you will have at least one of these in every women's wardrobe. 

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    You will have an abundance of choice and there is surely something for everyone. Sakshi Goel, Founder of Rent N Flaunt (an online luxury rental platform) says "They come in different shapes and are embellished, adding to your festive attire! Perfect for diwali card parties, or even wedding festivities." 

    Mirror Work Bags

    One trend that we are getting familiar with in 2021 is mirror work. This trend is not only popular for outfits but also, quite popular for other elements of your look like footwear and accessories. However, one thing that has stolen the show are handbags. 

    Mirror work handbags are available in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes and styles. These handbags will surely take your festive look a notch higher. 

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    Belt Pouches

    belt pouch handbags festival

    The last hot favourite among the convenience seekers are belt pouches. The best part is you can just wear it as a belt, and carry your possessions with safety. There's no worry of carrying it around or forgetting it in the process. They are extremely chic and judicial, not to mention but extremely fashionable as well.

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    Sakshi Goel says, "Popular designer brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Armani and Michael Kors have gorgeous belt pouches, best part you can rent them all as per your convenience from Rent N Flaunt. Flaunt the luxury in style and utmost comfort."

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    With festivals on our doorstep, these bags will come in handy! We wish you very happy and stylish celebrations!

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