As we have entered 2022, we have lots of hope for positive changes. However, this change should not be limited to health and work, but we should also bring a positive change in our fashion.

We should leave behind our unhealthy fashion practices in the last year and avoid them in 2022. So, here are fashion habits that we should leave behind.

Wearing Tight Clothes To Look Slimmer

tight fashion mistakes

Have you also tried to wear those body hugging dresses or skinny fitting jeans to hide those extra kilos? Well, you should stop this immediately. This is because skinny jeans and tight dresses would only suffocate you and will make you feel uncomfortable all day long.

So, avoid wearing tight clothes in an attempt to look slim and wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

Buying More For No Reason

shopping fashion mistakes

Admit it, the solution to most of your problems is retail therapy. We think that spending some extra bucks on clothes will take away all our stress and make us happy. However, we should resist this temptation and save ourselves from burning a hole in our pockets and flooding our closets with clothes that we are only going to wear once or twice.

Falling Prey To Last Minute Discounts

We all have been victims of last minute discounts. However, do you really think that buying that pair of heels for Rs. 3999 instead of Rs. 4499 worth it? Well no, because those few bucks are not saving. Just to wear those heels a few times, you shouldn’t be spending an amount of Rs. 3999  thinking that it's a steal. However, these discounts are just to trick your mind.

Wearing The Wrong Bra

This is one fashion mistake that many of us make. However, we should be quite careful while choosing our bra as a wrong bra can make or break our outfits.You cannot wear the same bra with every outfit. Each outfit is different so it also needs a different kind of bra to go appropriately with the outfit.

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Not Knowing Your Stripe Type

stripes fashion mistakes

You must know the stripes rule. Horizontal stripes make you look broader and vertical stripes make you look smaller. So, you should opt for stripes according to your body type. So, you should go for horizontal brides if you have a petite body and you should go for vertical stripes if you have a heavy body.

Wearing Shoes That Hurt

heels fashion mistakes

We know that wearing those long pencil heels might be tempting as they accentuate your figure. However, are they comfortable for you? We know they are not and they are also a hazard to your health. So, you should buy the footwear that is comfortable for you.

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Following Every Trend Blindly

We know that you want to be on top of the fashion world by following every fashion trend. You must be tempted to buy every other trending piece of clothing but do you think it is really worth it? Those trending clothes would be in trend for a few months or a year and would go waste after that. 

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