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Try These Easy Hairstyles To Be Comfortable For Work From Home

Work from home and video call meetings are the new normal but if you are too lazy to make a hairstyle then try these easy hairstyles at home.
Published -12 Jun 2021, 13:00 ISTUpdated -12 Jun 2021, 13:12 IST
hairstyle home main

With the new normal, work from home has also become a lifestyle for all of us. With this new style of working, we have become lazy and do not make the efforts to get ready. However, video calls have also increased with this new lifestyle which requires us to be presentable but in the comfort of our homes.

The most important thing to look well-dressed in a video call is to make a neat hairstyle. However, we usually put a clutcher in our hair while working from home and are too lazy to make a hairstyle. Therefore, we bring you a list of easy hairstyles that you can make in no time and are extremely comfortable so that your hair does not disturb you while working.

Sleek Top Knot

sleek top knot

Sleek top knot looks extremely stylish when done right and at the same time, keeps your hair at place so that you are not busy putting your hair behind your ears instead of working. The plus point is super easy and takes absolutely no time. 

Just take a comb and pull your hair back. Then hold the pulled back hair on the top of your head and make a bun. Voila! You are ready give a boss lady impression.

Folded Braid Bun

bun braid

Buns are really great and look extremely chic, but it is always a great idea to mix things up a little. Folded braid buns look super stylish and at the same time give you all the comfort you. You just need a few bobby pins and this bun will stay in place all day long making sure that there are no disturbances in your work.

Just make an easy braid and wrap it around itself. The super simple yet elegant hairstyle is ready in just a minute. Make this for next meeting and you will have an extremely smart without putting any extra time into your hair.

Half-up Bun

half bun

For those people who don’t want to tie all their hair but still want to feel comfortable while working, half-up buns are perfect. These are best for thick and voluminous hair and won’t cause you a headache as the hair are not tied too tightly.

It is really simple to make a half-up bun. Just take half of your hair as you would do for a half pony and make a bun. Remember to not pull back your hair too tightly.

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Braided Pony

braided pony

If you want to pull your away from face and are afraid that you can’t rock a bun, then don’t worry because a ponytail is your rescue for this very situation. However, ponies can often itch you in the back and also, give you a laid back look in the meeting. Therefore, take it to a higher level with braiding.

Just pull back all your hair and make a high pony. Now, braid your hair and add a black hair tie. Whether you make a traditional braid or a fishtail braid, it will look exceptionally neat and takes just a minute.

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hairband pink

Hairbands are an extremely popular hair accessory and can never go out of style. If you are extremely lazy to even make a loose bun or braid but want your hair to stay off your face, then put on a stylish hairband and you are good to go.

Recommended Video

This will take you only a second but will alter your appearance in just this one second. There are a variety of hairbands available in the market that come in different colours and different styles. Just choose one that goes with your outfit and look well-dressed at your next meeting.

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