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    5 Hairstyles For 5 Important Wedding Functions!

    Wondering how to do your hair for different ceremonies of your wedding? Here are some suggestions! 
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    Updated at - 2021-08-06,11:02 IST
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    Our wedding is a very event important in our lives. There are so many ceremonies and celebrations preceding our big day that the count just goes on! These days, weddings are no longer just a ceremony, rather a celebration! A celebration of love and togetherness! 

    Now, before we get too emotional about love and life, let us get straight to the point! Getting ready for all the ceremonies before the wedding and the wedding day itself is a mammoth task! It is a given that everyone will be looking forward to your different looks for different days of the ceremony and like it or not, this does put a lot of pressure. 

    While we believe you have already decided the kind of lehenga you want to wear and the jewelleries, we are here to show you the different kinds of hairstyles you must do at the different functions! 


    hairstyles for haldi function wedding

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    A fun-filled function, the Haldi ceremony requires you to look youthful! It is not sophisticated so do not go subtle here. This is more of a celebration of your youthfulness, your beauty, and your charm! Here, the last thing you want to do is make a bun. We suggest you either leave your hair open or make loose braids. In both these styles, make sure there are an ample amount of flowers in your hair to elevate your look!


    sangeet function hairstyle wedding

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    Since Sangeet is an evening function, you are obviously going to wear loud makeup. This is why we recommend you don’t let your hair cover your face. However, you can leave one or two strands open, either curl them or let them be as they are but make sure the rest of your hair is off your face so your face looks perfect in all the photographs of the ceremony! Apart from this, when it comes to accessories, you can wear sparkly clips or just one maang-teeka. However, we strongly recommend you add some dazzle to your hair to do justice to the evening function! 

    Cocktail Party

    hairstyles for cocktail party for wedding

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    A night party of sorts, a cocktail party does not require you to look cute and princessy. Rather, this is where you have to ace the elegant look! We suggest a bun, a tight one. This is if you are wearing a straight-cut dress that sticks to your body. However, if you are wearing a gown, you can opt for a messy bun. Either way, you do not want to leave your hair open if you wish to look like a slay queen!

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    Wedding Day

    wedding day hairstyle for brides

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    The big day is here and so is the pressure to look your best! Ladies, it is something about the wedding day, that no matter what you wear you always look beautiful! It is a given that most of us have to wear a ghunghat(veil) on our head while getting married. This is why we suggest you make a bun and puff the front part of your hair. Attach the ghunghat to the bun, do not cover all of it. Place flowers on top of the bun and make sure they are seen. We have asked you to do the front part of the hair in a puffy way, preferably braids because that is the only part that will be seen clearly so make sure it is extravagant! 

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    This is a function where your in-laws get to show you off so do your hair like it is the most important day! You do not want to look too cold so drop the bun! You do not want to look too old so remove the middle partition. We suggest you leave your hair open, opt for soft curls so they look voluminous and do not go overboard with accessories on hair. A simple maang-teeka or nothing at all, remember, ‘less is more’!

    We hope you found this article helpful and now you know which hairstyle to pick! If you wish to read more such articles, stay tuned to HerZindagi!

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