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How To Choose The Right Crop Top For Your Body Type

Here's how you can look flawless by choosing the perfect crop top for your body type.
Published -04 Apr 2021, 15:00 ISTUpdated -22 Dec 2021, 15:03 IST
crop top acc to body m

Looking flawless in everything we wear is every girl’s dream. And truly that ain’t too difficult, all you have to do is understand what suits what kind of body type well, and there you go. Once you have the right knowledge about the kind of body type and what goes well with it, then you can conquer any outfit. These days crop tops are very trendy and since the summer season has finally set in again, crop tops will be ruling the fashion industry once again. 

Therefore, to help you rock the fashion game this season we thought of telling you about how to choose the right crop tops according to your body type. Once you get hold of these techniques, then nothing can stop you from setting fire around so take a look.

Hourglass Shape

crop top acc to body

The hourglass shape is when the upper waist is smaller than the bust and the waist and the body shape give the appearance of an hourglass.  For such body types, the best kind of crop tops are the ones that hold your waist to enhance the shape of your curves. You can either keep the neck-deep showing your neck area along with some cleavage in a spaghetti style top or you can also go for a stand collar shirt-like crop top that covers the neck region and hugs the waist tightly.

Pear Shape

crop top acc to body

The best areas to highlight in this type of body shape are the waist and the shoulders, when the shoulders are smaller than the waist then you should go for clothing that can draw attention towards them. You can thus wear an off-shoulder top, tube top, or any crop top with a wide neckline. Do not go for a top that fits you at the upper waist just let it fit you closely.  This will be absolutely perfect for you.

Rectangle Shape

This type of body(choose the right blouse for your saree) is identified by similar measurements at the shoulders, upper waist, and lower waist. The best kinds of crop tops to wear are peplum style tops with a close and narrow neckline. This will bind the whole look together and will also make your body look more defined and structured.

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Apple Shape

crop top acc to body

Apple shape is another body type that should be styled perfectly for the wow factor. You should go for wide and clean necklines along with a box-type top. Pair up your tops with a low waist midi skirt and there you go!

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Inverted Triangle Shape

crop top acc to body

In this body type, the upper region of your body is heavier and broader than the lower portion and that is why going for straight lines and shapes is not the right thing to fo do for you. Go for a more flowy waist and closed neckline. This helps in inverting the triangle of your body and in turn helping it balance out.  To pair up with the top, you can choose a flared skirt, a wide pair of shorts, bell bottoms, or palazzos(stylish bottoms to don).

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Now that you know very well about the body types and what to wear according to the ace the fashion game this season and stay tuned to Her Zindagi. 


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